21 Awesome Hand-Painted Christmas Ornament by Barbara

November 18th, 2012 by admin # Holiday Decorating Ideas

Look unique and hand-painted Christmas ornament? This 21 trends hand-painted Christmas ornaments for decorating your Christmas tree. This  Ornaments take many different forms, from a simple round ball to highly artistic designs. Now look the 21 awesome Christmas ornament for decorating Christmas tree by Barbara with picture below:

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Hand-Painted Cardinal Ornaments Christmas Ornaments

Hand-Painted Cardinal Ornaments: Set of two bell shaped ornaments with bright red Cardinals sitting on a snowy branchs with pine and frosty red berries. Very festive, very frosty. I touched these here and there with soft glitter to add sparkle! Makes a lovely gift for the bird lover

Cardinal Ornament, Hand-Painted, Winter Bird, Red Bird by Barbara

Winter Bird and Red Bird Ornament: Bright and fluffy Red Cardinal hand-painted on a 3 1/4 inch satin etch glass ornament. He’s sitting pretty on a branch of pine and snow. The tail is longer then it looks in the photos. I’ve painted him with acrylic and added a little red bow. I’ve added a touch of soft glitter here and there to add a little magic

Baby's First Christmas Ornament by Barbara

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament: Bright and cheery red cardinal, with hat and scarf. A perfect “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament. This cute ornament is suitable for a boy or girl, and is 3 1/4 inches. Holly and berries and a glittery snowflake complete the design. The inscription is included, and the ornament will come with a pretty red bow.

Grapevine Heart and Red Poinsettias for Christmas Ornaments

Grapevine Heart and Red Poinsettias: Hand-painted Grapevine Heart, trimmed with gold and red ribbon and pretty red poinsettias. This is my Friends Ornament, but I can inscribe whatever you want. Additional inscription included. A great gift for a special friend, sure to be treasured. I’ve added a little glitter for extra sparkle.

2012 Ornament Christmas by Barbara

Beautiful, hand-painted, Christmas, 2012 Ornament. Deep green wreath trimmed with red and gold ribbons and frosty red berries, pine and snow. A little glitter gives this a frosty feel. A great gift for family or friends. An inscription is included if you like. This satin glass ornament is 3 1/4 inches and will come with a red ribbon

Poinsettia Ornament, Hand-Painted Satin Glass Ornament by Barbara

Poinsettia Ornament: Brilliant Red Poinsettia, with holly and berries, hand-painted on a 3 1/4 inch satin glass ornament. Lots of snow and touches of my favorite glitter make for a festive keepsake

Satin Glass Ornament, Christmas Keepsake, Snowman with Broom by Barbara

Snowman Hand-painted: Cute round snowman holding a broom, ready to sweep away the falling snow. Hand-painted on a satin etch glass ornament and sprinkled here and there with glitter. A Christmas Keepsake for you or a friend.

Snowman Christmas Ornament by Barbara

Snowman Christmas Ornament: Cute Snowman and snowlady cuddle together on this lovely satin glass ornament. Great for a couples “First Christmas Together”, which can be inscribed above the design. Also a nice gift for the Snowman lover!

Victorian Rose Ornament by Barbara

Hand-painted pink rose on a beautiful deep burgandy 2 5/8 inch ornament. I’ve touched it here and there with a soft glitter, for a little sparkle

Winter Scene Ornament by Barbara

Winter Scene Ornament: Winter Trees in the snow, a frosty stream and a wreath of holly and bright red berries surrounding the scene. This is one of my most enduring designs and I call it “Silent Night”. Painted with oven enamel then baked in the oven at a low temperature, this is a wonderful piece. This ornament was made at Brooke Glass in Wellsburg WV. Sand-blasted to give it a frosted finish and painted on the front and back, to give it depth. This is a flat glass ornament that measures 3 inches around, with a scalloped edge. An inscription is included if you would like. This can also be used as a sun catcher

Winter Trees Ornament, Hand-painted, Winter Pine Trees Winter by Barbara

Winter Trees Ornament: Beautiful winter trees painted on a 3 1/4 inch frosted glass ornament. This is an design that I have done for many years, A wonderful bulb for Christmas, it’s also a bulb that can be displayed all winter or year around. Soft pines have lots of snow and that magical touch of glitter that’s like the sun dancing on the snow

Humming Bird Glass Ornament by Barbara

Humming Bird Glass Ornament: Hand-painted ornament featuring Humming Bird tasting nectar from a orange-yellow flower. A lovely piece that can be displayed year around. A must for a Humming Bird collector

Church Christmas Ornament by Barbara

Church Christmas Ornament: Beautiful country church, surrounded by frosty pine trees,sparkly snow and a bright red cardinal. This hand-painted satin glass ornament makes a lovely gift for your Pastor or for anyone who appreciates the true meaning of Christmas. Painted with acrylic, this 3 1/4 inch ornament is a true heirloom.

Christmas Rose Ornament by Barbara

Christmas Rose-Ornament: Bright red rose among green holly and frosty red berries, touched here and there with soft glitter for a little sparkle

Christmas Ornament Candle by Barbara

Satin flat glass ornament with a beautiful white candle,sitting among a bed of holly and berries, and a pretty blue ornament. Painted front and back which gives depth, and with a gold ring surrounding the design. This can also be used as a sun catcher. It’s 4 1/4 by 4 inches. This ornament was made by Mosser Glass in Cambridge Ohio.

Holly and Berry Christmas Ornaments by Barbara

Holly and Berry Christmas Ornaments: Bell shaped, hand-painted, Holly and Berry Christmas ornaments. This is for the set of two. These lovely ornaments are 3 inches high and 2 inches wide at the bottom.

Candy Cane with Holly and Berries Christmas Ornaments by Barbara

Candy Cane Christmas Ornament: What’s Christmas without Candy Canes? This festive ornament is painted with a Candy Cane surrounded with Holly and Berries. I’ve added snow and a little touch of glitter for sparkle

Holly Ornament, Red Berries, Hand-Painted Glass Ornament by Barbara

Holly Ornament: Beautiful gold satin glass ornament with hand-painted holly and berries. Adorned with a painted ribbon, and touched here and there with glitter. This ornament leans toward the vintage look

Acorn Christmas Ornament by Barbara

Acorn Christmas Ornament: Gold satin glass ornament painted with festive acorns and leaves. Tones of rust, orange, coppers and green. This ornament is 3 1/4 inches and is touched here and there with soft glitter. A beautiful addition to your ornament collection

Ornament In Memory Of by Barbara

Beautiful hand-painted ornament to remember a loved one who has passed. Soft winter scene with a snowy white dove carrying a banner with “In Memory Of” on it. This is a 3 1/4 inch satin etch, glass ornament

Poinsettia Glass Ornament by Barbara

This beautiful ornament is made in Cambridge OH, by Mosser Glass. It is flat with a scalloped edge around it. It’s acid etched to give it the soft satin finish. I painted this ornament with oven enamel then it’s put in the oven and baked at a low temperature. I painted this piece on the front and back. This gives it a lot of depth. This piece is about 4 1/4 by 4 inches