21 Cottage Kitchen Style Ideas

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Here is 21 picture collection for cottage kitchen style ideas and  12 Tips how to create it.  The idea in this series is to show comfort and inspiring cottage kitchen style ideas. Cottage kitchen that are remarkable for its design, elegance, elements, concept or simply because comfort and easy living , and let Kitchen Cottage style ideas inspire you to makeover your kitchen.

Wooden Kitchen-Style Cottage Storage

Cottage kitchens are built around white cabinets. White is traditional, looks fresh and clean, and gives you maximum flexibility for changing up accessories either seasonally or whenever the fancy strikes..Cottage-style decorating lends itself easily to kitchen design. Open shelving, painted cabinets and handmade accessories create a delightful space to cook and dining area.

awesome Kitchen-Style Cottage Ideas

Here 12 Tips for how to create a cottage style kitchen.

  1. Two main features – natural and visual light, which is why complex forms of furniture, the sophistication of decor, dark surfaces (except the tops) and a large number of bright parts are excluded in principle, as well as any “shine” of facades and finishes;
  2. three primary colors (for walls and kitchen cabinets) – white, blue and mint (cool colors), sometimes the colors are replaced with cream, beige, light gray or pistachio, but this is a step away from the “correct” style cottage;
  3. Sufficient open spaces of storage (racks, open shelves on the rack of fine, glazed door upper cabinet with thin infill);
  4. If you like natural wood (floor, chairs, chair), – in the kitchen-style cottage is sure to be light or neutral brown tones – pine, oak, walnut (nothing red, dark and exotic);
  5. Wooden “siding” or an imitation (in the cabinet doors) are welcome in any reasonable quantities (on the walls, ceilings, furniture), while it must be painted white or cool pastel colors;
  6. Cabinet fronts – very concise (from an array, a la the “lining” or on the basis of a broad scope of the perimeter of the doors), handles – white matte metal’s most concise form;
  7. Dining table – white or matching wooden cabinets, table legs are often similar to the massive staircase balusters, but thanks to lighter tones do not look cumbersome;
  8. Kitchen island – almost an integral part of a cottage style and decoration may differ from the rest of the kitchen (although, if your kitchen is not too large – this element can be sacrificed);
  9. Wide moldings and cornices – like echoes of the classics, but in a much more low-key decor, the lamps – more functionality and concise than “decoration”;
  10. if you want to drop the brightness – use fresh garden or wild flowers, but do not get carried away too bright (colored), bouquets, white, pink or yellow – what you need;
  11. linens for the kitchen in the cottage style (curtains, tablecloths, napkins) – instead of the traditional classical and country music, colors and patterns of ornaments, use a thin strip or cell;
  12. Remember that the style of a cottage involves ‘holistic experience’, and only upon closer inspection, the details begin to emerge – thanks to the kitchen, “cottage” always look larger than it actually is.

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