AIA Award Winning Home by Horst Architects

April 29th, 2013 by dhira # Dream Home Designs Ideas

Here is the AIA Award Winning Home by Horst Architects. This residence provides drama suitable for its breathtaking site. Though solid in many areas, there are significant opportunities to open up to the outdoors and enjoy the views. Although complex interlocking volumes appear solid from the street it looks like they provide some protection from the outside. As you move through the interiors insertions of wood help to bring you through the space to get a great look at the view. According the Architect: This AIA award winning home resides at The Strand in Dana Point, California. A series of overlapping reflecting ponds within the home’s central courtyard instills a sense of meditation and retreat where one can contemplate the ocean and sky.Indoor and outdoor living is orchestrated by balancing views with privacy, communal space with intimacy. The clear expression of the steel skeleton structure, in filled with glass and wood, allows the structure to sit lightly along the coastal terrain, while limestone walls anchor the structure. The interplay of light, materials and composition contribute to a sense of place rooted into the site.

Photographer: Toby Ellis