Amazing Small Apartment with Scandinavian Design

August 21st, 2014 by Stevaliana # Apartment Interior Design

Have you ever heard about this Small Apartment? Small size is not a bad idea when you know the tricks to fit all of the things in the house. This house is actually such a good idea for a single family. The house is set in 1920 and has been built by Halo architecture. Poland is a good place to make a good house.

This kind of house is a minimalist house with the gray and white backdrop. These color tones in Small Apartment Design are the best to be put in the house, with the gray color tone in the house will make it looked more mysterious. And when you just apply the white colored tone will make it just looked like a usual house. The house has some small windows there which can be opened to let some fresh air inside.

The living room has natural light from the window. And the living room of the house has a unique design which has some paintings inside. The paintings are not hanging in the wall, but are placed in the floor which will give stronger impression. The paintings came with no colors, but more like black and white paintings. These kinds of paintings are the best here that is matched well with the white atmosphere in the living room. You will understand more about it after looking at some pictures in the site.

The lamp in this house looked like a fan which is bright enough when it is turned on. The living room of the house has a bookshelf which is hanging on the wall and you can put some of the books there which consists of 4 layers. The living room of Small Apartment Ideas has a small sofa and a small table for some drink and snacks.

Fabulous Decor and Accessories Living Room Apartment on Wooden Floor

Fabulous Decor and Accessories Living Room Apartment on Wooden Floor