Artistic Contemporary Design Hotel for Your Inspiration

September 28th, 2013 by vegiya # Hotel & Resort

Do you plan to build a luxurious hotel with contemporary design for the interior? If, you do, you should consider many things. Nowadays, there are many hotels that apply this kind of interior. So, how can you make your hotel have unique interior so that many people will remember your hotel for a long time and even come back to your hotel? Here is a hotel with unique contemporary design that may inspire you!

This hotel brings the nostalgic ‘Greek’ design to the room of the hotel. Look at the picture of these contemporary design ideas! The restaurant within the hotel use wooden materials to decorate the room. It seems that the wooden material used in this room is a recycled wooden material. But still, it looks so artistic, right? The chair used in this room is also so natural with those small squares decorations. To complete the natural look to this restaurant, there is also a green textured rug that looks like grass under each dining table set. The yellow-tone of the light use in this hotel brings the warm and stylish nuance.

When we come through to each room, we will see luxurious contemporary room. Take a look at the wall, the wall seems soft. The cream textured rug of this living room is also unique. Look also to the curtain. The curtain is so simple, right? The curved colorful dining table in this room also adds the contemporary and cheerful look to this room. The bedroom in each room is so artistic and modern with those unique wall decorations. The sink in the bathroom is also so luxurious with that gold and unique shape.

If you want to build a hotel you should consider many things. One of them is making a different with other hotel. The unique interior design of your hotel will make your guests remember the beautiful memories in your hotel and even they will come back to your hotel. Hope that this contemporary interior design can inspire you much!