Attractive Floating Bathroom Vanity Regarded as Recommended Furniture

October 1st, 2013 by vegiya # Bathroom

Contemporary bathroom should be decorated as precious as possible. Modern bathroom furniture is applied in bathroom. Floating Bathroom Vanity is recommended to make perfect bathroom in futuristic flair. You can easily clean floor under floating vanity. Bathrooms listed below present chic bathroom vanity. Choose which one you love as references to decorate modern bathroom in your house. Spacious bathroom with old floor tile and old wall tile comes with black bathroom floating vanity. White sinks and planter containing beautiful flower are set on this vanity.

Elegant Floating Bathroom Vanity is commonly equipped with drawers and towel storage. Wood cabinet in high gloss finish is good choice to ease you combine it with other bathroom ornaments. Large mirror reflect spacious bathroom. Soft LED lights are perfectly fitted around large rectangular mirror. Pretty fake flower is set between two porcelain sinks. Crystal ball pendants add brightness toward spacious bathroom. Mosaic floor tile is equipped with stainless steel taps.

Do you like rustic bathroom vanity? Untreated wood composing bathroom vanity is identical with natural character. Flashy white sinks and stainless steel taps are set on this washing stand. Tree wallpaper matches with rustic themed bathroom. Shoji sliding door indicating Japanese style is applied in this Japanese bathroom. Glossy black ceramic floor is suitable with natural wood bathroom cabinet. Porcelain sinks are set on this futuristic bathroom vanity.

Sparkling wall lights are adhered on wall nearby rectangular mirror arouse bright view. Brown bathroom vanity looks so calm decorating neutral themed bathroom. Elegant Floating Bathroom Vanity style is appropriate to minimalist powder room. Add beautiful painting in your bathroom to entertain occupants. Shower cabin surrounded by glass wall goes with rustic bathroom vanity. Natural accent derived from small gravels on floor is really innovative. Under floating sink in bathroom can be modified as place to store towel storage.