Awesome Groundfloor Bio Fireplace by Planika

July 25th, 2012 by admin # Fireplace Trend Design

Planika manufactured sent us the most popular bio fireplaces. here are the awesome groundfloor bio fireplace. Groundfloor is one of the most popular bio fireplaces manufactured by Planika, the world leader of the bio fireplace market. It was designed exclusively for our company by the famous Christophe Pillet. It fits perfectly into any indoor living space, whether it’s a traditional or a modern one, which makes it highly universal. The product joins functionality and unique unconventional design, which makes it an ideal freestanding decoration for both luxurious residences and relatively small apartments. Thanks to the fact that it does not require any special installation or chimney and is fully portable, the user can easily put it anywhere he wishes. The recommended Fanola fuel makes Groundfloor absolutely smokeless, it produces no smell or ash. The only combustion products are heat, water vapour and CO2.

Groundfloor bio fireplace red in living room

Groundfloor bio fireplace at Shilla Hotel in Korea

Today Groundfloor bio fireplace is presentin numerous countries worldwide and can be seen e.g. in the Shilla Hotel in Korea, where it adds a perfect finishing touch to the interiors it is situated in.