Beautiful and Unique Glass Door Stylish Interior Design by Casali

September 30th, 2010 by admin # Door Design Ideas

Beautiful and qualitative interior doors then glass like: doors Externally sliding door, Double action swinging door, Swinging door on steel “Easy Frame”, Swinging door on telescopic jamb,Overlappping sliding door, Ceiling-fixed overlapping sliding door, Externally sliding double door,Swinging door fixed on wall,Internally sliding pocket parallel doors, Swinging door on steel “Easy Frame”,curved sliding door and much more design by Casali

The Casali® Collections are inspired by places of light, matter and memories. These capture and affix gestures, moments and images on crystal’s receptive surface, always leaving a door open to the world and bringing its richness into our daily lives. Everyone can find the ideal door for their own personality and lifestyle because Casali® doors create unique living spaces just like the people who live in them. Casali®, all the forms of crystal doors.