Beautiful Modern Home Design; Irregular Form of Modern Living Space

October 28th, 2013 by vegiya # Home Design

While modern architecture reflects simplified form of building and using less ornaments as its main thought, this modern home design, goes with simple form yet designed with irregular pattern, with touch of modernism in architecture. This building is Wedge House located in Surrey, England, designed with distinct approach of geometric form provides the house with peculiar and different state from the rest. Its modernism touch obviously seen from its massive appearance with geometric shape of exterior, with little or even no ornament at all on exterior.

Almost contemporary home design designed on minimalism theme usually exploits its exterior with playing of material, color, or impression. The same thought we can find in this exterior, which the designer expose massiveness and different touch of color and material, with large opening to provide good composition in replacement of ornament. All of this turns the building into massive block of mass, stands out from lush surrounding, and sure you’ll never miss it if you passed through this area. Wood texture and color combined with gray color of finishing on wall, configured in fine orderliness, seem a bit out of formal shape yet put in good composition, while the surrounding accents irregularity of nature touch, this two major artworks twine and complete one another.

Irregularity of form and distinct pattern is clearly accented on entrance of the building. The door and window configuration designed not to follow straight line of the wall; even the designer plays with line of wall to provide eccentric entrance, and adds different color to accentuate this difference. Minimalism of exterior is subtly concealed with exposing more permanent aspect of architecture rather than ornament, and this modern home design, accents it as it is.

Minimalism concept of modern living space is found in obvious as you step inside. All of interior reflect minimalism, where you can see less ornament and more functional furniture rather than just an extra. This modern interior home design, combines material, color and texture to match with irregular shape of floor plan, and this is truly a nice play of architecture.