Colorful Bistro Design: Cafein Bistro

February 12th, 2014 by Stevaliana # Restaurant Design Ideas
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On February 12, 2014
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A modern value of restaurant makes it become the place that not only serves a great meal, but also a great space design and this colorful bistro design is one of the best evidences of that modern value. This outstanding colorful bistro design is located in Poland and it is created by Anna Kobylka from studios Kolorama and Olga Sietnicka of Bloogarden. This “deadly” duo led us to the development of the colorful Cafein Bistro, the lovely colorful bistro design that we talk about right now. Not like any other bistro that coming in elegant design, this beautiful colorful bistro design coming in more cheerful space design, which make it even more special.

Now let us take a look the space design of this creative colorful bistro design. This awesome colorful bistro design consists of two floors. The first floor contain several table set with modern minimalist design. There is also a bar in the first floor. The entire furniture is coming in bright color, which there is a color differentiation in every table set. The space is also uniquely decorated with bright color. It consist more than three different colors in one space, in the first floor. This bright color setting make this space looks bright and fun, which is why people love to come here to spend their day enjoying coffee.

The second floor of this perfect colorful bistro design is actually has the same concept with the first floor. But, in this floor you can enjoy a higher street point of view from the big glass window that install in the second floor of this adorable colorful bistro design.

That was few things about the gorgeous colorful bistro design in Poland. Creative colorful bistro design like this one is the evidence of how restaurant and café change its value during the development of the design and customer necessity.

Amazing Interior with Glass Windows for the Olga Sietnicka Cafein Bistro

Cozy Exterior of Olga Sietnicka Cafein Bistro with some Outdoor Chairs and Tables

Fascinating Letters Deisgn of the Olga Sietnicka Cafein Bistro above the Front Door

Brilliant Combination of Green Chair, Red Chair and Orange Table in the Olga Sietnicka Cafein Bistro

Artistic Blue Stairs in Olga Sietnicka Cafein Bistro with Blue Handle