Colorful Glass Ornaments for Fireplace of Decorative Screens

July 24th, 2013 by vegiya # Fireplace

Fireplace gives you warm inside during the cold weather that will look attractive using glass ornaments for fireplace of the screen. In every area with cold weather, fireplace is furniture must be installed inside. It is a place to set the fire on, while fireplace screen covers the flame to prevent splatter out and burn everything around. The screen is mostly made of glass with metal liners and various motives. After browsing several catalogs, we found two screens with both floral motives.

Glass Ornaments for Fireplace with Blue Flowers

Blue and green look beautiful decorating the glass ornaments for fireplace screen. It has classic model features frosted glass, black metal liners, blue flowers, and green leaves mosaic. It is tall and gives maximum screen for your tall fireplace. Like the other screens, it also has three sides of one main large side and two small sides in right and left. The frosted glass gives semi-transparent look to the flame inside the fireplace which will create romantic effect.

Glass Ornaments for Fireplace with Pink Roses

The next one is more beautiful and taller in vintage style. It has tall size with full rose motives in pink and green leaves. The blue backdrop is blocked by white net gives a look like a fence with pretty flowers in your garden. This screen brings an additional accessory to your room and spread stunning reflection of the flame to the interiors from the combination of blue and pink.

Fireplace nowadays is produced in various designs, styles, sizes, colors, and materials. The base materials of stone and cement are mixed by some other materials, such as wood, brick, and glass. It is usually used in modern and contemporary fireplace models to form the walls and as the topic we discuss now, the screen. The colorful glass with mosaic motives brings stunning effect as well as warm atmosphere. The colorful glass ornaments for fireplace screen is able to decorate your interiors too.