Comfortable Interior Copper Cube Unique Tree House Design

November 18th, 2010 by admin # Home Building Concepts, Treehouse Designs Ideas

cube tree house design ideas front view

Comfortable Interior Copper Cube Unique Tree House Design ideas and enjoy house for your relaxing. The copper cube is a jewel with integrated bathroom and full of comfort. Its unique location overlooking the large Zernsee near Potsdam makes this weekend resort for the owner especially attractive. The tree house has a terrace at 4.5 m and a square tree house cabin to 5.5 m high. While the tree house independent body rests on a steel frame, the large terrace is supported by suspension cables of an oak tree. The facade of the tree house was closed by oxidation-protected copper plates. On all sides allow large windows and two roof windows looking into the treetops and into the sky. let’s see the Comfortable Interior Copper Cube Unique Tree House Design picture here:

house tree design far view

tree house terrance design

unique terrance design for tree house

tree house with large bed design

wood house tree design

toilet tree house design ideas

tree house bedroom design ideas

comfy stair for tree house design

The comfortable interior of the tree house with large bed and sofa area, desk, wardrobe, minibar, and equipped with electricity and heating. As the dominant material for the interior oiled oak was chosen. A special feature is the built-in bathroom with shower, toilet, washbasin and various built-in cabinets with white-coated fronts. The supply of fresh water and sanitation, and electricity is hidden in one of the pillars.