Exceptional Cool Apartment Interior with Bowling Arena in Manhattan

October 11th, 2014 by Stevaliana # Apartment Interior Design

The Bowling Penthouse project is a beautiful and cool apartment interior that can be seen in the middle of busy city Manhattan. The masterminds behind this eclectic and stylist interior design are the Cortney and Bob Novogratz, a designing couple that famous for their beautiful work in interior design. The apartment shows a stylist and unique appearance sophisticated for urban people who love to live like a rock starâ??or maybe the real rock star who want to stay in a cool penthouse design.

Colored in blue, the interior feels so calming and full of cool atmosphere. This cool small apartment interiors feature some contemporary furniture, making every corner of this house very worth to see. The main living area is located some couple steps down the stair, with the big wall art that can’t be missed by any eye. The sunken living room is decorated with contemporary rug and some beautiful furniture, including the black armless sofa, the conspicuous bright orange coffee table, the unique blue ghost chairs, and many more. On the second floor, you’ll find the reason of this apartment’s unique title: two line bowling arena is available, giving a very nice feature to the house.

Just down the alley, some artistic home decoration can be seen alongside the wall. From hanging wall art, sculpture, and another kind of contemporary arts are available in almost every inches of this home. Our favorite is the series of retro-styled console game that reminds us to the 80s themed bar and game station, including the so-famous pinball, hunting game, and many more. It is not just some games; it is part of home decoration that gives the fun feeling into this unique apartment interior.

With this unique design, we can feel an extraordinary feeling inside a home which always full of fun. Not only fun in style, but also with the unique features including the game station and the bowling arena! So how do you think, do you like this cool apartment interior design for your home?

Colorful Living Room at Bowling Penthouse with Black Sofa

Cozy Living Room Design at Bowling Penthouse with Wood Floor

Creative Decoration of Bowling Penthouse Decor with Pin Ball Court