Extraordinary Green Wall Design on Apartment in Mexico City

October 17th, 2014 by Stevaliana # Apartment Interior Design

The La Fontaine Apartment project is a beautiful residence with unique green wall design in it. It is located on Mexico City, and covers the 2,150 square foot area of the duplex apartment. As said above, the unique part of this home is its wonderful green vertical garden just behind the home, which can be clearly seen from almost every room in this apartment. Even though separated by glass wall, the green wall system still gives a relaxing effect to the entire interior, easily invites you into the deepest trance of relaxation in everyone’s soul.

The choice of using green wall garden design on this home can be considered as right. Without so many spaces to decorate, apartment is not a very friendly place for plants lover. However, with some trick and easy method you can still have a very nice garden in your homeâ??with a vertical garden, as shown in the exterior accent wall in this apartment decoration. With only small space used, the interior design seems so impressive with the lush green accent from the beautiful vertical garden just on the outside.

The contemporary interior in this home easily becomes fresh with the presence of relaxing green wall scenery, which can be seen from the glass exterior wall. The dining room, for example, is very nice with some bright accessories and contemporary furniture combined with green accent color from the wall plantation. It is also visible from the bathroom, giving a unique bathing sensation as you just take a bath in the middle of tropical forest.

Upstairs, the things is getting more wonderful with the rooftop terrace and some outdoor seating areas on it. The wooden picnic table can be used for family gathering, while some plantation that connected to the wall below gives some free oxygen for its inhabitant. With this beautiful green wall design ideas, the apartment feels so amazing to live, that will make your days worth in life.

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