Fire Line Automatic Biofireplace by Planika

July 25th, 2012 by admin # Fireplace Trend Design

Planika manufactured sent us fire line automatic (FLA), innovative fireplace insert, no smoke, no smell, real linear fire. Searching for inspiration in their work, architects and interior designers often reach for innovations and unconventional solutions. Knowing that the highly decorative and safe biofireplaces gain more of their attention each day, Planika has developed the highest and most advanced, patented technology to live up to the potential clients expectations and demands.

Fire Line Automatic Milan Fairs Salone Del Mobile

Our latest product debuted during last year’s Saloni Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, as the first fully automatic biofireplace ever created and already it is present in over 60 countries worldwide! It is operated with a remote control, which means we can turn it on and off, as well as adjust the size of the flame at our convenience. FLA is equipped with various safetysensors, thanks to which we don’t have to worry about any seismic activity, higher CO2 concentration and breaming the fuel, as the fireplace will automatically turn off in case of any inaccuracy. Because it runs on the recommended biofuel Fanola, it emits no smoke or smell, so doesn’t need any chimney, ashtray or special installation. Not even a written permission for an indoor use!The only combustion products are water vaopur and CO2 in the amounts comparable to human breath. It’s safety has been confirmed by all the demanded certificates.The product is suitable for any kind of interior, both commercial and private, so only imagination can set boundaries on the final look of this highly decorative item. It can be extended endlessly, whether built into wall, positioned on the ground or suspended in any item of furniture and we still can operate it with a single remote control.

Fire Line Automatic Labiszyn Front

Architects interested in using the device are welcome to send draft project to Planika’s experts, and the team will respond instantly with a suggestion of optimal solution. This makes the product the most attractive and universal on the biofireplace market, suitable even for the most demanding clients.It gives us the opportunity to experience the majestic dance of real fire without any smoke or risk. fire line automatic biofireplace A perfect solution for those who wish to charm their visitors with an unconventional interior decoration.