Five Reasons Why Memory Foam Mattresses are Better for Your Health

April 16th, 2012 by admin # Beds Trend Design

Here is the Five Reasons Why Memory Foam Mattresses are Better for Your Health. Memory foam mattresses are become quite popular for their unique properties that cannot be found in regular mattresses. Those shopping for new beds are finding that memory foam mattresses are better for those suffering from various health ailments. Memory foam mattresses truly are what the doctor ordered.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Back pain is often a reason why consumers seek a new mattress. Memory foam mattresses are the best choice in comparison to other mattresses. Body weight is distributed evenly over the memory foam mattress. Therefore, pressure can often be relieved making it possible to obtain a restful night of sleep. Memory foam mattresses can be found at all sizes and you can easily find mattresses sized for children’s beds.

Disney Cars themed single bed Memory Foam Mattresses

Cool Disney Cars themed single bed using Memory Foam Mattresses

Allergy symptoms are found to be relieved with memory foam mattresses. Memory foam is made of synthetic material called polyurethane foam. This synthetic material is not a hospitable environment for dust mites. This is not the case with regular mattresses which are made of organic materials.

Sleeping on a memory foam mattress can also be beneficial for those with sleep apnea. The sagging of regular mattresses can actually contribute to sleep apnea in some cases. The sagging causes misalignment of the vertebrae. Air becomes restricted in the airway. In many situations, sleep apnea is caused by the wrong kind of mattress.
Another medical condition that is afforded benefits from memory foam mattresses is fibromyalgia. This is a condition where those diagnosed suffer from chronic pain. This pain can be further exacerbated from regular mattresses. These mattresses serve to push back on the body causing pressure points. However, memory foam is designed to soften as its temperature increases. Therefore, it is able to cradle these points of pain along the body.

Arthritis is another chronic condition that can see pain levels reduced by sleeping on a memory foam mattress. The mattress is able to provide cushioning for painful joints. When sleeping on regular mattresses, those with arthritis find it difficult to rest soundly.