Furniture Interior and Glamour Room Decorating from Gossip Girl TV Series

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luxury living room design waldorf-penthouse-gossip-girl

Gossip Girl every interior has touches of luxury and glamor. Although they are all designed in a style somewhat different. In case you want to find out more details of what you’ve seen on television, here are photos of the room Blar room, Serena Humphrey loft in Brooklyn, Waldorf family penthouse, penthouse suite Chuck Bass and Van Der Wood family.

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Gossip Girl is a popular TV series for teens based on the book series of the same name. It tells the story of several families of Manhattan’s elite is so full of beautiful interiors and fashion cloth. The entire interior has touches of luxury and glamor, but they are all different. Here are some of the interior, including: Blar living room, Serena Humphrey loft in Brooklyn, Waldorf penthouse family, and Van Der stolen lumber family. Although the site Christina Tonkin, you can find inner suite Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald and several other home interior that you’ve probably seen one or another set of Gossip Girl.

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woodsen-penthouse-gossip-girl wall decorating ideas

woodsen-penthouse-gossip-girl living room decorating ideas

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luxury bedroom design and luxury furniture decorating

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luxury furniture for glamour room decorating

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