How to Hang a Garden Trellis

May 31st, 2013 by vegiya # Garden Designs Ideas

garden trellis designs

Hanging a garden trellis is a lot simpler than you would think. They are very useful especially for ivy, rose, or other plant that tends to crawl and hug.  You’d be surprised that getting or to make your own trellis is fairly simple.


Step One – Get a DIY Kit

First of all you will need a DIY garden trellis kit. This kit usually has all the materials you will need. The wood and other materials are already shaped and designed and all you have to do to build a garden trellis is to follow the included instructions. All you really have to do is put it together, assembling it right out of the box. This lets you take more time to choose the appropriate garden trellis designs for your specific needs and wants.


Step Two – Find the Right Design

There are hundreds of different garden trellis ideas to choose from. Some trellises are designed to lean on the wall while others are overhead structures that allow the plants to dangle down. Some are shaped like a pyramid that does not need a post since it can stand solidly on its own.


Step Three -  Materials

Make sure to look into the materials as well. Some are made of wood, others made of metal, and others yet are made of reinforced plastic.


A home garden trellis is the perfect addition to any garden, no matter if you need it for practical purposes (such as growing tomatoes) or for aesthetic reasons (vines). By following the different steps above you will be able to find and hang the perfect garden trellis.

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