Holiday Destination at Modern Villa Sapi in Lombok Indonesia

December 10th, 2012 by vegiya # Villa Design Trend Ideas

This series holiday destination, this post talk about villa sapi in Lombok Indonesia. Canadian architect David Lombardi has designed contemporary Villa Sapi located is Set on the white sands of Sira Beach (also spelt Sire) in north west Lombok. Villa Sapi is pretty remote, but thanks in part to its well-connected neighbours – the Hotel Tugu and The Lombok Golf Kosaido Country Club.

Villa Sapi is Fantasy Island come to life, with avant-garde architecture, wide open living spaces, five bedrooms, a funky home-theatre, three swimming pools plus a kids’ pool, a tennis court and an in-ground ‘Hobbit Hole’ guesthouse. A fine selection of artwork in all forms of media includes a steel wall sculpture, which, in the context of the villa’s Bauhaus design borrowings, ‘makes perfect sense’.

Modern Villa Sapi Design in Lombok Indonesia

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Amazing Terrace Design in Villa Sapi Lombok Indonesia

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Large Natural Bedroom Interior in Villa Sapi Lombok Indonesia

according the architect:

Canadian architect David Lombardi’s concept of ‘Function over Form’ leaves Villa Sapi’s guests with a sense of discovery and surprise at every twist and turn, ranging from the traditionally styled, grass-roofed building that houses the main kitchen to a futuristic home theater. Furnishings carry a signature color theme of black, red and lime green, while the walls are adorned with flair – bamboo, water cascades and conceptual artwork. The first clue to the quirky nature of the artwork is a white sculpture in the coconut grove garden which, in huge black letters, suggests that we should ‘Stop Making Sense.

The view from the villa’s open-sided living and dining room, bedrooms and bathrooms is unrivaled; here guests can look forward to a vista that is ever-changing with the moods of the sea, sky, neighboring islands, distant mountains, forests and colourful fishing boats. At night, after a magnificent sunset, the views become even more magical as the moon’s reflection twinkles on the water, presenting a scene of tranquility and unforgettable beauty.

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