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Applying Japanese Sliding Doors to Get Asian Nuance

January 29th, 2014 by By Stevaliana # Door Design Ideas
Awesome Japanese Sliding Doors Wooden Frame Bedroom Design
Old Japanese Japanese Sliding Door Black Frame Premium ScriptModern Minimalist Japanese Sliding Door Wooden Style Cabinets DesignMarvelous Fusuma Wooden Frame Japanese Sliding Door DesignLuxury Modern Style Japanese Sliding Door Wooden Frame DesignGreat Combine Soft Brown Frame Japanese Sliding Doors with Dark Wooden FloorFantastic Japanese Sliding Doors Hall Design Ideas

A Japanese sliding doors becomes a trend setter of architecture development since it gives a very good idea for people to apply and install a house like this. Many people in China, Japan, and Korea install this sliding door in their house since it becomes a tradition that brought by their ancients. The most different and unique one is Japanese sliding door. Now, we have some pictures about Japanese sliding door that perhaps can be a very nice inspiration for you to apply it in your house. Look at the picture. In the first picture you can see the traditional

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Beautiful and Unique Glass Door Stylish Interior Design by Casali

September 30th, 2010 by By admin # Door Design Ideas
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Beautiful and qualitative interior doors then glass like: doors Externally sliding door, Double action swinging door, Swinging door on steel “Easy Frame”, Swinging door on telescopic jamb,Overlappping sliding door, Ceiling-fixed overlapping sliding door, Externally sliding double door,Swinging door fixed on wall,Internally sliding pocket parallel doors, Swinging door on steel “Easy Frame”,curved sliding door and much more design by Casali The Casali® Collections are inspired by places of light, matter and memories. These capture and affix gestures, moments and images on crystal’s receptive surface, always leaving a door open to the world and bringing its richness into our daily lives. Everyone

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Futuristic Doors Design Concept for Personality, Inspiration and Energy by Karim Rashid

September 30th, 2010 by By admin # Door Design Ideas, Furniture Design Ideas
Futuristic Doors Design Concept for Personality
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Beautiful and futuristic door design by Karim Rashid, The door as a furnishing element,Materials as fundamental element of the project, Sensunels my security and interior doors collection for for Dibi Group, Passion and fun for people who let themselves be surprised by emotions and live their passions, Inspiration and energy delighting creating surprising charming amazing exciting attracting, Think out of the box the wish to change the rules and the lifestyle in the interior furnishing world, The door has a personality doors who live in every room as paintings, furnishing objects, artworks, The age we live now meet the age

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