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Beautiful Wooden House Design with Beautiful View

March 25th, 2014 by By Stevaliana # Wooden House Designs
Fancy Wooden Bunk Beds for Kids Room with TV Stand
Cozy Bedrooms Inside Chalet Tsuga at Kilimandjaro with Wooden Office DeskContemporary-bathroom-at-the-Chalet-Tsuga-Kilimandjaro-HotelBeautiful Interiors of Majestic French Alps Getaway Modern Table LampView of the Second Level Floor Plans Chalet Tsuga Le Kilimandjaroperfect French Alps Retreat Exterior View Sloping Site of the ChaletLarge Living Room with Fireplace in the French Alps Retreat

This lovely and nice wooden house design looks so lovable. The exterior design is very classy and warm. The house is located in the French Alps that makes the roof of the house is all covered by snows. There are beautiful trees are under the house and it looks so lovable. The house it self has a very nice and lovely design and interior design. Do you want to know what’s inside the house? Here we go. Look at the picture. In the first picture, you can see how big and spacious the house is. The entire of the house

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Amazing Sustainable House Design with Modern Style

March 4th, 2014 by By Stevaliana # Wooden House Designs
Classic Emptiness in Ground Floor Garage Area to Benefit
Bright Master Bathroom Colours with Bold Flooring and White upper PartsBright Atmosphere of Tone in Beneficial Home Office and LibrarySunny Weather Reflecting from Outside to Inside of the HouseStylish Built in Wall White Furniture with Colorful Details on the ItemsSmart and Net Zero Energy House to HaveSmart and Cool Shelves Idea to Pop Up the Empty Wall before Powder Room

Nowadays, people start to take a serious concern to their environment, including when they build a sustainable house design for their dwelling place. Some people may get confused when they start to build their own sustainable design, because it is hard to relate the effective and enviro-friendly design with well design and beautiful aesthetic aspect. So here is a sustainable house idea just for you. Take a look to the wonderful sustainable house design project in Cupertino, California. Entitled Net Zero Energy Modern house, this home was been envisioned by Klopf Architecture, with the main idea to make a wonderful

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Genuine Wooden House Surrounded In a Beautiful Landscape

February 24th, 2014 by By Stevaliana # Wooden House Designs
Amazing design Shoal Bay Bach Home Exterior with Wooden Wall Design Ideas
Powerful exterior Shoal Bay Bach Home with Wooden Wall MaterialNaturally Shoal Bay Bach Exterior with Wooden Interior in Traditional DesignIncredible Shoal Bay Bach with Modern Wooden Interior Design IdeasGreat Shoal Bay Bach Home Exterior with Traditional Wooden DesignEpic Shoal Bay Bach with Wooden Interior Design in Traditional StyleCharming Shoal Bay Bach for Kitchen Interior with Modern Minimalist Design Ideas

Having a wooden house have some advantages in every aspect, like economical aspect, time construction, environment impact, weather changing, improve energy efficient and also a sustainable architecture. A wooden house has been proved that it is easily modified into any style you prefer. Someone could have a pure and rustic wooden house, or combining it with recent popular design such as modern a contemporary design. Wooden House Designed as a Bach Related to this picture, here is an example of wooden house located on the coast of Southern Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. The whole wooden house plan is to create

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Elegant Narrow House with Wooden Space

February 18th, 2014 by By Stevaliana # Wooden House Designs
Interesting Sunny Side House Entrance Interior Lighting at Night
Interesting Sunny Side House Entrance Interior Lighting at NightFascinating Boy Bedroom in Sunny Side House with Blue Bed and Cozy Study SpaceFantastic Sunny Side House Toilet with Wooden Wall and FloorCozy Sunny Side House Living Room with Black and Brown SofasComfortable Sunny Side House Bedroom with Grey Bed and White QuiltBrilliant Sunny Side House First Floor Design Plan with many Rooms

The contemporary design is seen in narrow house that is located in Singapore in where you can enjoy the cozy atmosphere with the sized kitchen all the way. It has the cozy space with the welcoming arena. You can see the well-developed design of narrow house that can make the narrow site with the project design. It has the interior space with the second level area that uses the massive windows all the way. It can now bring the cozy space arena with the stunning interior part. Look at the designs of narrow house spacing. It rests on the inhabitant

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Choosing Cypress Siding Over Metal Siding

June 10th, 2013 by By vegiya # Traditional Home Designs, Wooden House Designs
cypress siding maintenance
Cypress Sidingcypress siding maintenancecypress siding installationcypress siding for salecypress lumbercypress-color-vinyl-siding

Not everyone has completely given up on wood siding, as many people still use cypress siding instead of newer metal siding. Using cypress seems like a very viable alternative, as it can be used for rustic and traditional homes by matching these styles effortlessly. There are several benefits to using cypress lumber for siding. Cypress is very inexpensive compared with other types of siding. You can get it for about $2 for every linear foot (you may even find discounted cypress siding for sale, while aluminum siding can cost about $3 per square foot and steel siding can cost up

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