Minimalistic and Unique L-Shap Bio Fireplace by Planika

July 25th, 2012 by admin # Fireplace Trend Design

Here are minimalistic and unique L-Shape bio fireplace by planika. The L-Shape is one of the most popular of Planika’s unique bio fireplaces. The minimalistic form resembling the letter “L”, with the double glass shield and furniture board of natural veneer in dark oak semi-mat or white semi-mat, makes L-shape an undeniably luxurious contemporary freestanding decoration. Perfect for every kind of interior, whether it’s a modern or a traditional one.

L-Shape Bio Fireplace White in Milan

L-Shape Bio Fireplace USA

L-Shape Bio Fireplace in Living Room Loft

Flame size regulation is extremely easy thanks to the burner operating tool, which is also used for extinguishing the flame. All these features make L-Shape very popular, so today it can be observed in many prestigious interiors worldwide, including hotels and restaurants.