Modern Luxury Housing with Italian Design and French Furniture

November 25th, 2010 by admin # Apartment Interior Design

minimalist apartment interior design

Here Modern Luxury Housing with Italian Design and French Furniture Ideas, Architect Vitaly Pavlenko was to design the interior for a young woman.Housing has been complicated outline the exterior walls, which determined the placement of the rooms in a line on one side of the corridor.Was provided for a specific set of facilities for a comfortable family home of two men, identified private and general salon zones.On the basis of planning decisions kitchen-dining room, living room, nursery, bedroom and bathroom are located along the exterior walls.On the other side of the corridor equipped utility room and guest bathroom. Expressive form of partition, the presence of light apertures and transparent structures to “dissolve” the corridor, turning it into an original part of the interior. Smooth lines, inherent in this space, created the illusion of a large and spacious living area.let’s look the Modern Luxury Housing with Italian Design and French Furniture picture here:

exterior walls rooms for wordspace design

bathroom gray color with bathtub design

Focusing on addiction landlady, author of the proposed concept of color, in which the dominant color was gray. The variety of its shades ruled the monotony in the design of different rooms.For each group of rooms, Vitaly Pavlenko find additional collateral color.In the living room and kitchen – red, in the bedroom and bathroom – green, a child and a guest bathroom – orange. The apartment is mostly arranged by the Italian and French furniture.

kitchen design in minimalist apartment

living room interior design

Sofa bed for children, bed and chair in the bedroom moved from the old residence.Specialist Textile Ales Andreyuk restored the furniture items for their integration into the new interior, giving them another look. The successful design of window openings reinforced the impression of airiness.The bathroom used by the original designer’s decorative elements: on the wall above the sink in the texture of plaster architect reproduced image of vegetable ornament curtains.

corridor walls and room partitions rooms design

bedroom gray color decorating

The remaining walls of the apartments have a smooth texture – a coating of glass fiber and their subsequent putty and painting. Tarkett Laminate Floors of color bleached oak and tile Spanish company Saloni, which faced the wall bathroom, guest bathroom and kitchen.The special role played in the interior lighting.Floor lamp in the common room is a bright spot accent, supports and balances the whole composition. Hanging lamps Fabbian Italian factory in the kitchen “dissolve” in the background of the ceiling. As the main source of lighting in the bedroom uses a built-in ceiling lights, which adds clearance space originality.

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