Spanish Renovation That Combines Elegant Classic Exterior with Contemporary Design Interior

October 28th, 2013 by By Stevaliana # Home Maintenance
Building With Classic Extreior In Aviles Spain
Sliding Glass Doors Keep The Interiors Connected With The SurroundingsSimple Decor That Matches The Wooden FlooringInteriors Clad In Largely Neutral TonesExterior Of The Renovated Building Remains Largely UntouchedErgonomic Workstations For The Architecture StudioCool Pendant Lighting Adds To The Natural Light

People often try to develop their own style of design in home interior and exterior. However, it is very common to see people try one type of design in their home. This means they will try to develop their home into one type of design or follow a certain design rather than try to combine the design with different design. Combining a two different or contrast design sometimes will result in either a great and innovative design or an abomination of arts. Yes, combining two different perspective in design is quite difficult and not for a beginner in art decoration.

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Having Emerald Décor to Enhance your Home Interior Design

October 27th, 2013 by By Stevaliana # Furniture Design Ideas
Emerald Glassware
Wizard Of Oz Inspired Wedding With Emerald AccentsVelvet Emerald Pillow CoversVase In Emerald Green By MoserPantone Emerald MugPantone Emerald BeddingEmerald Party Decorations

Coloring your home interior design to a specific color will give a new and distinct feels for people who are coming to your home. Yes, by changing the color of your home interior design you can make the atmosphere and environment in your home interior design to change to a certain extent. The power of color is very great that it can make a sudden change and giving a new personality to your home interior design. One of the greatest color that awarded as the best color in the 2013 by pantone is the emerald color. Yes, having emerald décor

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Eco-Friendly Items to Make a Sustainable Home Décor

October 26th, 2013 by By Stevaliana # Furniture Design Ideas
Eco Friendly Fold Out Desk
Sustainable Modern Pendant LightingSustainable Bedding In Shades Of BlueSolar String LightsModern Reclaimed Wood LampsEco Friendly Teak ChairsEco Friendly Slatted Storage Bench

Making a sustainable home decoration is a great option in this day. Yes due to the recent development made by human, we unconsciously have made the environment worsen on each passing day. The major use of non-eco-friendly material for many kinds of items that become needs. To make thing worse our home decoration sometimes are made from unfriendly material that can harm the environment. Fortunately, there are eco-friendly items for your home décor. The ideas of making a sustainable home décor for your home interior design is a very wise ideas because you can help in preserve the nature environment.

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Suspended Style Floating Staircase Ideas for the Contemporary and Modern Home

October 25th, 2013 by By Stevaliana # Interior Decorating Ideas
Sleek And Stylish Floating Stairs Connect The Home With The Backyard
Sleek And Stylish Floating Stairs Connect The Home With The BackyardLED Lit Railing Illuminates This Floating Stairway GorgeouslyGlass Stairs And Railing Disappear Into The BackdropFloating Stairs Fit In Snugly In The Little Space On Offere HereExtravagant Curved Floating Glass Staircase Seems To Have Been Inspired By The Human DNAElegant Floating Stairway Perfect For A Home Filled With Fabulous Furnishings

When we are thinking about the decoration of our home sometimes we forget to think about the staircase. Yes, staircase sometimes will just act as a tool that allows us to access the higher parts of our home. However, if we decorate the staircase properly with the right design for the home design theme it can become a powerful addition in our home that will make it more enthralling. One of the most popular ideas for staircase design interior theme is the suspended style floating staircase ideas. This design idea is very suitable for modern and contemporary home design due

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Renovating a Basement with Careful Planning

October 24th, 2013 by By Stevaliana # Home Maintenance
Renovating a Basement for Kitchen Improvment
Renovating a Basement OverviewRenovating a Basement Living Space Brown Wooden MaterialRenovating a Basement Living Room and Sofa LookRenovating a Basement Guid Info Living Room DesignRenovating a Basement Guid Design InteriorRenovating a Basement for Secret Library

Doing renovating a basement can be an alternative to increase space in your home. Basement houses mostly used as warehouse to store goods that are not used. Dirty and stuffy impression makes lot of people do not feel comfortable in basement. However, this room can be styled and remodeled when you need extra room. Additionally basement renovation is in order to make it more presentable and pleasing to the inhabitant. For you who want renovating a basement need to plan it carefully for maximum results. There are several basement remodeling tips you should kmow before starting. Sometimes basement become damp

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