Peaceful Residence in Natural Open Space; Living in Nature with Architecture

October 28th, 2013 by vegiya # Architecture

To release yourself from tiring routines and stressful of civilization, living in nature will help you gain your peaceful mind and calmness, freeing you from all binds that burdens your shoulder. If you choose it as permanent solution, building a living space that integrates nature to its very core is preferable, rather than taking risk of living without any preparation and start living in the caves. Integrating your home with nature alienated from crowd and pollution is such a beautiful escape to pursuit spiritual value.

The idea of people living in nature has been done by generations with various approaches, from radical into subtle ones. Architecture is one field among many that basically use the idea and aim for sustainability and nature preserve, especially nowadays, people study about unifying between manmade design and nature to reach a balance, which human and nature still gain and benefit one another. From this point, people create specific field of architecture, which later then called green architecture and eco architecture, to create eco-friendly building with less impact for nature, or even to preserve existing. One of interesting example, from buildings that integrate living with nature, is this family residence. While eco-friendly architecture and green architecture can refer into any style as long as the building integrate nature and system which preserves it, this modern building is a reflection of post modern architecture with nature approach, provide its user with comfortable rooms and views of existing, alienated from urban civilization. Avoiding luxury and materialism of modern people, yet trying to live alienated with luxury, maybe this one isn’t quite a good picture of most ways and perspective of living with nature, but this place will be a great example if you seek some tranquility and peace, trying to make silence and nature as part of your daily life.

Beautiful exterior with wood and stone texture, integrate glass and water element, blend elegantly with lush surrounding. The design goes with pitched roof with openings to catch natural light, also with warm brown color. Water pond on landscape just good additional and essential element refines massiveness. When you step into interior, you’ll be greeted with same pattern of homey, classy and warm living area. This sure is interesting way of living in nature.

You can find various way of living in nature books, but you can’t comprehend as long as you don’t try it in real.