Professional Wordspace Kube Italian Kitchen Furniture Design by Giovanny Offredi

November 17th, 2010 by admin # Kitchens Design Ideas

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Professional Wordspace Kube Italian Kitchen Furniture Design by Giovanny Offredi. Kube is the expression of a subtle and measured formal thought. An architecture marked by essential volumes which cross one another, conveying solidity and high functionality. The characteristic features of Kube are the horizontal and vertical aspects, the precise contrasts in its shapes, materials and colour, which convey a feeling of solidity and durability, but also a simple and immediately recognisable style. Light is a fundamental element in Kube: it follows the same rectilinear rhythm of its shapes, granting the kitchen intimacy and atmosphere while at the same time becoming an attractive and elegant feature in itself. Kube exploits the available space almost professionally: the work areas are simple and no-fuss, with specific functions. let’s see the Professional Wordspace Kube Italian Kitchen Furniture Design by Giovanny Offredi here:

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The work area is a stretch of linear area, and the worktop is overseen by a continuous illuminated shelf. The solid and protruding hob and sink units, enriched by a Snaidero patented elegant hood, are highlighted by plastic forms on the body of this area. In Kube, balance is the result of merging shapes, materials, colours and specific contrasts which convey the feeling of true solidity: the warm tone of elm heats the professional aspect of the operational block, creating a warm, suffused effect.

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The need for more storage space can be accommodated by fitting H. 54 wall units, available in the same finishes as the doors or using the capacious deeper cabinets (75 cm), which act both as d├ęcor elements as well as storage space and, thanks to the plinth aligned with the door, appeal for their cleancut linear appearance, in line with the design philosophy of this model (in the picture, Kube in gloss ice white lacquered with worktop and operational block in Oriental grey marble).

Maximum function and clean-cut design_ The shelf featuring continuous and custom lighting is incorporated within the food preparation and operational area, and equipped with electric power sockets and a
switch. The fully-equipped operational area is completed by a stylish open unit available in stainless steel and equipped with an intermediate support shelf, useful for washing up and preparing food.