Smart Modest House with Efficient Budget

November 1st, 2013 by vegiya # Home Design

Building modest house sometimes taking much time and also huge budgeting, however there is simple reason that inspiring the building at this review which perfectly located simplicity as key concept and make it wonderful by combining sharp exterior and clean interior for making modest venue becomes real.

Let’s take a look of some impressive portfolios. The first thing for sounding efficient budgeting into reality is maximizing every spaces at the house so it can press the modest house budgeting. Small size area or compact space should not be a problem when there is idea to making them blended or at least coordinated well as part of house design.

Wooden material that painted in neutral colour such as brown door frame can be helpful to gain clean and tidy attitude while transparent glass both for window and extended door should become best partner for bright wooden material.

Don’t ever try to pick serious stuff for covering anything from curtain drapery to table cloth because minimalist tone needs soft and even transparent material type such as white transparent curtain drapery or broken white smooth tablecloth.

Then, going back to the façade, the minimalist house can be having small terrace after the front door but be sure that it build in unique shape such as wave stone flooring for terrace area while wooden stripes in soft palette which installed as wall decor should be nice to see matched with glass material.

Finally, the interior must be designed in simple value as well such as black metal iron chair that located at hallway combined with white pendant lamp and scenery painting attached and let’s say blended with wooden wall design.

As minimalist space, this modest house low budgeting has no need to pick wide range of different item instead making sure that the items providing same value with the whole home’s appearance.