Top 35 Italian White Kitchen Furniture Designs

November 17th, 2010 by admin # Kitchens Design Ideas

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Top 35 Italian White Kitchen Furniture Designs collection by snaidero, white kitchen furniture one of favorite kitchen color, because the look clean and healthy. The Italian kitchen manufacture always innovation their’s product for home kitchen trend. The luxury of simplicity Constant research for balance amid classical shapes and modern functions: Florence enhances the operational area with changes in depth and shaped protruding surfaces that increase the work space. Classic with a pinch of modern, The elegant stand-alone central island encapsulates the food preparation area, table and snack-breakfast counter: a large room to host in, prepare food and eat it in company.

The multi-purpose operational island for preparing and eating food. The texture of the absolute black granit e worktop teamed with the elegance of the wooden door adds a warm atmosphere to this setting. Attention to details and processing which evoke lost craftsmanship: Florence columns and frames observe the rules and proportions inspired by the Renaissance.

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Florence’s dignity and authenticity come from having followed Renaissance architectural standards with its typical elements such as columns, pilasters and architraves. Storage solutions which divide the kitchen

area from the living room in a rational and attractive way. Detail of the corner unit equipped with highly functional pull-out shelves. Stylish detail of the hob and sink: the colour white is abundant throughout. The formal clean lines are confirmed by the essential design of the handle.

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