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Stunning Modern Minimalist House Decoration Styles

September 17th, 2014 by By Stevaliana # Home Design Ideas
Creative of Design Interior in Cubic Sagaponac House with Mural of Pattern
Awesome Design Living Room in Cubic Sagaponac HouseAmushing Design Interior with Red of Wall and Other Furnitures in Cubic Sagaponac HouseSweet Dinning Room Desing in Cubic Sagaponac HouseGreat Section Plan in Cubic Sagaponac House Surounded by PlantersGood Landscape View in Cubic Sagaponac House with Clean of LawnDeluxe Design in Cubic Sagaponac House With Nice Pool Design

There is a great house design named Sagaponac House which is a modern minimalist house situated in Long Island, Wainscott. This 4,500 square foot stunnig house is designed by Calvin Tsao and Zack McKown of a New Yor architectural firm, Tsao & McKown Architects. This two volume simple building is completed in 2007. The upper volume above the ground is a two story building in cube shape is designed into the ground. The lowest ground is designed to connect it with a long swimming pool outside. Grey and black is found in the exterior decoration of this simply stunning house.

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Simple Cube Room Glasses as Expressive Home Renovation Ideas

July 30th, 2014 by By Stevaliana # Interior Decorating Ideas
Incredible View of the garden from dining room with Glass Wall Design Ideas
Amazing Exterior of stylish glass Extension C for the Window and Green Landscaping DecorPowerful Modern dining space extension in glass Completed with Green Landscaping DesignModern glass dining room addition to old home Exterior for Inspiration StyleIncredible View of the garden from dining room with Glass Wall Design IdeasAwesome Window within a glass window for the dining room Interior StyleFantastic Noguchi light on the dining table with Wooden Minimalist Furniture Style

Large sensation always feels when we use glass as the wall in our room, moreover in a small cube room glasses. Having small living area, it will better if you use large glasses as the wall of your room. It will give you large sensation even though you just have limit space. Give an addition a small room like a cube a can be good idea, where you can design it with your own creativity. In St. Louis, Eastern France a unique house which is gives an addition in back side of that house. That room look so unique with

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Fantastic Bathtub and Shower Bathroom Combination for Stylish Bathroom Interior

July 22nd, 2014 by By Stevaliana # Uncategorized
Incredible Bathroom Interior with Glass Wall Design and Concrete Flooring Decoration
Beautiful Bathroom Interior with Wooden Flooring and Modern Style InspirationAwesome Bathroom Interior with Green Mosaic Tile Flooring and Minimalist Design ideasAmazing Bathroom Interior with Modern Elegant Decoration Ideas for Home InspirationWonderful Bathroom Interior with Concrete Flooring and Glass Wall Design in Contemporary StyleStylish modern bathroom in white White Wall and Glass Design Ideas InspirationStunning Bathroom Interior with Glass Wall Design and Wooden Ceiling Decoration Ideas

In this era, bathroom is designed not just for bath but it is designed as relaxation area, for example like bathroom design with bathtub and shower bathroom combo. The combination between two elements of bathroom is a perfect combination making you can relax and enjoy your time inside the bathroom. Your bath time become more fun with bathroom design like that, you can feel rain sensation inside your bathroom. This kind of bathroom design is really suitable for bathtub and shower for small bathroom, where this is also designed for people who really busy for their work and need relaxation

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Amazing Luxury House Design As A Dream House

June 15th, 2014 by By Stevaliana # Home Design Ideas
Cool Green Lounger Pattern  with Clean pof Lawn in Hope House Design
BeautyView in the Night with Fire on Hope House DesignAmushing of  Wooden Units in Hope House DesignAmushing Corridor of Wooden Floor Hope House DesignSleek and Green Chairs of Wooden Table  Hope House DesignNice Stair in Hope House Design Completed the DecorationModern Pattern in Hope House Design with Wooden of Floor and Planter Also

Building luxury house is an interesting thing to be done. It is house that has a luxury design interior decoration. Many people want to have the luxury design of the house. But, may be they do not have enough money for building a house with luxury and modern design. It is because it is expensive house. So, it can be sure that only rich people that can be built the luxury design of the home. There are some aspects that should be note to build the house with luxury style design. One of them is design. Design of the house

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Inspirational Contemporary Residence Design As Adorable Living

May 15th, 2014 by By Stevaliana # Beach House Design Ideas
Natural Lakefront Residence Exterior with Pond and Lush Vegetations
Modern Garden Ideas with Lush Vegetations at Lakefront Residence in Austin TexasFabulous Lakefront Residence Austin Texas with Small Pool at BackyardCharming Modern Bathroom Lakefront Residence and Illuminate Bath Tub DesignUnique Sculpture in the Garden Koi Pond at Lakefront ResidenceStriking Living Room Top View with Grey Carpet AreaStaying Connected with Outdoors Indoor Meets Outdoor Lakefront Residence

Best house design should keep contemporary and natural concept balanced. In Austin, Texas there is elegant residence that accentuates eco friendly idea. Contemporary Residence Design is envisioned by Audino Construction. It is called as Lakefront Residence which is decorated with fresh landscape outside. Large pool with stone edge and shady trees get you feel fresh. Modern couch is placed on grassy courtyard with stone path. Glass and wood wall enhance fresh interior design. Metallic frame and bronze fireplace are suitable with lacquered wood wall. Charming green sofa with metallic frame and wood rectangular tables are placed in living room. Wood

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