Woodblocks Floor for Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas by TOYO

November 4th, 2010 by admin # Kitchens Design Ideas

Contemporary Kitchen Furniture widh wood design
Woodblocks Floor for Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas by TOYO, three variations of the kitchen available: Brique, Bleach and Rusty. Along with the kitchen cabinets, the company suggests a variety of accessories like classical-style lamps, dining furniture and herb pots. A quiet and cozy space offers a relaxing moment. The INO PROVENCE kitchen features a simple and nostalgic interior that is reminiscent of country living in harmony with nature. With the time value embedded in its design, the kitchen gives the impression of a family of long standing. The dossier prepared by hand gives a vintage-like flavor, cultivated over the years. Available in three patterns, new kitchen this series is also excellent in durability, to his office doors are made of melamine plates with printed images showing the aging humorous.

Many people yearn for a slow life. A rustic interior gives you comfort in your daily life, making you feel like you’re living in the countryside, and provides for meeting times. Along with the series of INO PROVENCE kitchen, kitchen Toyo suggests a variety of the intercultural world with its collection of classic-style lamps, dining furniture, upholstery and other interior items kilim developed through a mixture of different cultures. One reason old woodblocks isused with a design based onthe twist.The image of a surface that has been resisted discoloredwood by design thesun.The has the image of rusty metal.

Wooden Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

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