3 DIY Home Improvement Tips That Will Save You $$$

Do you love saving money? DIY is always a great way to do it, because contractors can be expensive. Now, unless you have a specific set of skills, you may want to stay away from more complex things like plumbing and wiring. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a whole bunch of ways you can improve your house on the cheap.

Here’s a few DIY tips that can help you save dollars while still giving your home the makeover it needs.

Be smart when purchasing materials

It’s not uncommon to just head straight down to your local hardware store when you’ve got a DIY project planned. The problem is, not only are you paying an inflated price for materials but you often buy more than you need. Yes, we’re talking to the folks who go to a hardware store for a small amount of supplies and can’t resist buying a bunch of unnecessary tools!

Don’t feel bad, everybody does it. But with some careful planning you can make the job a whole lot cheaper. For example, if you’re renovating walls, try buying plaster directly from the supplier. Keep a look out for discontinued items or last year’s stock, because you can get a great deal. Also, don’t be afraid to buy cheap. Not necessarily for key materials, but for items like paintbrushes, rollers and really basic hardware, just go for the cheaper products. If you’re going to throw something away anyway, why spend a fortune on it?

Also, if you do need tools and hardware for a job, ask around to see if anybody has items you can borrow. So often we purchase expensive equipment because we need it for one job, and then it’s never used again. Even if you have to pay, hiring may be a better option than buying.

Install insulation yourself

If you’re renovating, it’s the perfect time to check your home’s insulation. When replacing plaster or even building new internal walls, there’s no better time to get the right insulation installed. Batts are easy to install yourself, especially when you have access to the wall cavity. While you’re at it, climb up into the roof and see what you’ve got there. If there’s no insulation or very poor-quality batts, get some good quality ceiling insulation and replace it.

Insulation can drastically improve the comfort of your home and save you money on heating and cooling. You’ll be reaping the financial benefits of insulation long after the cost of the batts is covered.

Energy-efficient lighting

Do you find yourself constantly changing light bulbs around your home because the cheap, nasty ones keep blowing? Well, the old saying that you get what you pay for is so true when it comes to lighting. The other issue with cheap light globes is the ongoing energy cost. They’re not efficient, meaning they cost more electricity to keep them running.

Hit the shops and buy some energy efficient, long-lasting light bulbs for every room in your home. They last so much longer than regular bulbs, and they’ll also help reduce your electricity bill.

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