3 Tips for Preparing Your Family for a Move

Moving can be both a stressful and exciting time. With all the preparation necessary to make moving from one home to another go off without a hitch, there may be a few things that slip your mind, like making sure that every member of your family is aware and prepared for your move.


Picking up and going to a new location can be challenging and scary for kids, regardless of their age. Moving can also be stressful on animals as well. To ensure that your children and pets feel comfortable with your move and new home, here are some tips for getting the little ones ready for your family’s new adventure.


1. Tour Your New Home Before You Move In


As the parent, you’ve likely seen the inside of your new home before you purchased it, but you may have kept the kids home during this excursion. If this is the case, and if transportation is possible, get your kids to your new home before it’s time to move in. This will help to make move in day less overwhelming for them.


WhatToExpect.com states that even going to the location to look from the outside will suffice if you can’t get into the home yet. Walk around the block with you kids, pointing out areas that might make them more comfortable, like a park or homes that looks like kids are living there. It’s important for your child to feel safe and comfortable in their new surroundings, and giving them this sneak peek before the big day can go a long way to make this transitions go smoothly.


2. Settle Your Kids First


Once you’ve moved into your new home, KidsHealth.org recommends setting up your kids’ rooms before unpacking the rest of the house. Not only will this show to them that they aren’t being forgotten by you in this stressful time, but it will also help them see the new house as their home.


Get their bed made and their clothes and toys in familiar places in order to create a greater sense of stability for them. While it’s natural for all children—whether they’re 3 or 16—to feel scared and anxious to some extent, getting them into a routine and atmosphere that they relate to and are comfortable with will help them adjust quickly to their new space.


3. Ease In Your Pets


Your pets will also have to deal with an adjustment period once you’ve moved to a new home. Because it can take a while for your indoor pets to be completely comfortable with their new environment, ASPCA advises starting your pet off in one specific room that can be seen as his or her home base. Once they’re comfortable in this area, expand their space to other parts of the house slowly. Letting them loose on the entire property can be very overwhelming, so bringing them into parts of the home step-by-step may help them feel at ease in less time.


While kids and pets bounce back quickly from life changes, it’s still helpful if you take the time to prepare them for what’s to come with a move. By using the three tips above, your family should find abounding happiness and peace in your new home. Good luck!

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