5 Great Design Ideas to Incorporate into Your Home for 2020

It’s the start of the decade, which means there’s no better time to think about revamping your interior design and giving your home a bit of life for 2020. 10 years is a long time to keep everything the same. Now it’s time to bring in the new; look up some of the new colour trends, research the modern developments that have occurred, what are the new trends out at the moment?

For the year 2020, it’s time to make a bold statement with your home. This is why we’ve put together some of the biggest decor trends to look out for this year so you can make a start on giving your home a little refresh.

Navy blue is the colour

Classic Blue was named the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2020 which means it’s likely to make a great appearance this year, popping up in many places. A benefit to the colour is that it’s relatively versatile to match with various colours. It helps to provide a bold statement to quick design projects that just require a little makeover. Whether it’s upgrading the kitchen island or adding a sophisticated touch to your bedroom, this shade of colour is perfect for making a subtle statement.

Wallpaper that’s floral

Whilst floral wallpaper may seem an acquired taste, it’s something to consider for 2020 as it’s looking to make quite an appearance this year. Floral is known for traditionally being a relatively classic style, but in 2020 it’s getting an update with its patterns for the modern era. It’s set to continue on the bold and large scale in the long run.

For an idea of where you may use it, foyers and bathrooms is a place to start if you’re not ready to commit to bigger rooms such as sitting areas.

Kitchens that aren’t white

Throughout the 2010’s, one big difference in trend was the evaporation of non-white kitchens as they took a more contemporary approach. In 2020, this theme is likely to continue which potentially rids the white altogether. Instead, natural wood’s likely to be a large feature for shelves and cabinets. It’s the idea for homeowners who are looking to keep a bright and natural personality without having to go completely white with their colour choice. Kitchen islands and luxury bar stools are going to continue to be in the desired finish.

Sofas that are curved

Feel the need to have a unique feature in your living room that can easily attract attention? The rise of a curved designer sofa in 2020 is sure to do that. These provide a unique, modern touch to your living space and get rid of the rigid shapes that we’re used to seeing with sofa designs. Velvet and soft textures are likely to be the common material used as designers look to provide a comforting aspect to their sofa.

Using art in kitchens

Art is traditionally known for appearing in the living space as an engaging piece to add a bit of character to the room, but there’s no reason why the same can’t be done with the kitchen too. Rather than identifying the kitchen as a space simply for cooking, 2020 is about making the kitchen a more homely place where friends and family can enjoy socialising. So next time you’re shopping for art decor, don’t forget to consider the kitchen too.

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