5 Ways Art Improves Your Living Space

Everyone wants a high quality of life. This means an adequate work-life balance and having a comfortable place to call home. Your house is your sanctuary from the outside world so make it the best it can be. This can mean integrating cozy furniture, installing windows and most importantly, putting art on the walls. Surrounding yourself with creative expression can help you in multiple ways.


Increase Social Awareness
Some artists use their creative genius as a way to promote civil rights. You may choose to exhibit works of art in your home that reflect this mindset in a show of solidarity. Many artists may choose their materials based on their source of origin as a way of recognition. Or they may simply portray things that represent home or country to them.


Park West Gallery recently held an exhibition for Tim Yanke, who enjoys doing artistic impressions of the American Flag. These pieces of art were created to pay homage to America and the values it was created upon. The paintings were then donated to recipients of newly built homes from Habitat for Humanity.


Improves Thought Processes

While sitting at home, you may be tempted to simply turn on the tv and zone out. By surrounding yourself with fine art, you can actually take time to meditate and think. Different art can instill various emotions and thought processes in the viewer and you may find yourself approaching a variety of life situations with deeper thinking.


Helps to Motivate You

No one wants to spend time in a yoga studio with blank walls. You cannot be excited if you are looking into blank space, so use art in your exercise room to inspire you. You may want to choose a picture of a mountain you intend to climb, or a lake you are trying to swim across. Or you may choose more tangible images of what your effort is working towards. Put up pictures of athletes you admire, or a physique you are striving towards. These pictures can help you push through the difficult aspects of training and persevere.


Improves Emotional State

Art can be used to express a variety of emotions; and each painting can be interpreted differently by each person. By taking time to surround yourself with these cathartic artistic representations, you may find yourself more able to channel emotion. Placing beautiful portrayals of ocean waves may help you feel calmed at the end of a hard day. You may feel comforted by a piece, or more incensed by another, but either way you will be facing your emotion and dealing with it; and that is always a healthy route.


Promotes Healthy Well-being

Art has been revered in many societies for centuries. Art helps people communicate thoughts and ideas as well as have creative outlet. Some art can help you relate to other people or feel more at peace with the world. By taking time to meditate and focus in the quiet on a piece of art you may come to a deeper understanding of the artist and yourself.

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