6 Tips for Decorating a Smart Home

Smart homes are being more popular these days. From lighting to heating, there are many tools available for home automation. Nonetheless, even if houses are being smarter, it is still important that you pay attention to decor. That said, this article talks about some tips on how you can decorate a smart home.

1. Complement Smart Lighting with Art

Whether you want an elegant or eclectic space, it is hard to go wrong with using art as a decorative piece. To make the artwork more stunning, it is a good idea to use smart lighting. Display a large canvas wall art from Shutterfly and use the right lights to make it stand out. From ceiling-mounted lights to track lights, different types of lights will be perfect to highlight art in any space.

2. Rethink Your Console

A smart TV is one of the must-haves in modern homes. A console tabletop makes a good place to have the TV. Choose the right material depending on what complements the look of the rest of the room. The size should also match the TV or the room. You can also add a lampshade if the console is large enough. On top of the console and the sides of the TV, you can also have wall art from Shutterfly.

3. Add Plants

Make your home smarter by incorporating plants into your décor. This is a great way to add a pop of color to your house while also being eco-friendly. Choose air-purifying plants to give your place a hint of character. Aside from looking good, they also help to filter impurities in the air. Some of the best examples of these plants include devil’s ivy, dwarf date palm, spider plant, peace lily, and Boston fern, among others.

4. Display a Smart Mirror

This is one of the best smart devices that can also double as décor. For some, it might seem like an ordinary mirror, but it works more than that. One of the best lifestyle techs introduced in CES 2019 is an innovative mirror that can also double as a control panel for controlling the smart devices you have at home.

5. Make It Cozy

Smart homes have automated heating and cooling systems. While they will help to make the room more comfortable, it is also good to invest in decorative pieces that will make your place cozy. For instance, you can add rugs that will be soft on the feet when you walk barefoot. You can also add fur or wool blankets on the couches for texture and warmth.

6. Get Rid of Clutter

To make your smart home stylish, one of the most important is to make it clutter-free. Whether it is your smart home assistant or remotes to control smart appliances, keep them neat in cabinets. Do not let wires dangle. Invest in stylish organizers that will help to keep your space as clean as possible.

Building a smart home does not mean that you have to compromise style. Take note of the tips mentioned above to build intelligent spaces without sacrificing aesthetics.

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