A Look at the Benefits of Choosing Picket Fencing to Surround Your Garden

There are so many things you can change to your garden to make it look nice, but where do you start? A lot of homeowners start by implementing a nice fencing boundary to keep prying neighbours from having a gander at what’s on offer. This is usually a good starting point as it secures your garden and can already change a garden design completely. If you’re currently looking for ways to improve your garden visually and with a fence boundary, a picket fencing solution could be what you’re after and here are a few of the reasons why.

Cost-Effective Fencing Solution

The design of picket fencing means it’s nicely spaced out and doesn’t require as many materials to build as what a fence panel would require. Less materials means it’s a cheaper alternative and, because it’s usually a lot shorter than your average fencing solutions, it also means that it’s much sturdier. Take a look at some of the pricing of picket fence solutions via The Garden Trellis Co. They offer hundreds of products in the fencing category and many different picket fence designs to suit your tastes.

They Are Clean & Require Minimal Maintenance

One of the greatest attractions of picket fencing is that it’s clean. One of the other many attractions (and more of a mental attraction) is that it doesn’t require much maintenance. It stands tall (or short depending on your tastes) throughout the year. It can battle severe winds without knowing it and lashings of rain without succumbing to water damage. Picket fencing solutions may not be made of steel, but they are built to last.

Easy to Build

Picket fences are very lightweight compared to other materials and fencing designs – giving you an instant advantage when it comes to the installation process. Picket fences are well-known to be easy to install into gardens of all shapes and sizes. They come in lengths and, with a bit of digging and concreting – you could have a completed boundary within hours. Another great thing about the installation process is that you don’t need to be a carpenter or experience landscaper to have the knowledge to get it done successfully.

Add Value to Your Property

Any nice fence would add value to your property. After all, buyers look for security and privacy within a garden as one of their top priorities. When it comes to a picket fence solution, though, is that it looks very modern and it’s often described as “cute”. Whether a “cute” fence brings up the value of your property or not remains to be seen, but a modern fence definitely will.

Picket fencing really is the ideal solution if you’re looking for something robust and requires very little maintenance. There are sometimes higher costs involved if you’re looking to cover a wider perimeter, but what they offer in return in terms of security and an added attraction to your garden makes them very cost-effective additions. If you’re looking to spruce up your garden to add a new focal point – a small, modern-looking picket fencing solution could give you exactly that.

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