Are Electric Floor Heating Systems Safe for Your Home?

We all know that keeping our family safe is priority number one. When thinking about any appliances or heating systems in your home, it’s natural to consider whether they’ll be safe or not. Also, when they use either gas or electricity, there are additional concerns there too.

With heated floor systems growing in use now, more homeowners are getting quotes for them. One of the questions that arise when they do is wondering about how the electricity is used, so they know it doesn’t pose any risks to their loved ones. In this article, we cover this sensitive topic.

Safety is a Priority

First, rest assured that all Heavenly Heat floor heating systems are safe. This includes all their electrical ones fitted under the floor too.

Second, understand that the under-floor heating manufacturers are already way ahead of you when it comes to risk factors. They understand the concerns. However, the use of electricity, heating and hot water systems include some similar elements, so it’s not the new technology you think it is. Many of the same principles have been at work in heating for many years already.

Temperature Limitations

Most underfloor systems have temperature limitations. Ultimately, homeowners do not want a super-hot floor any more than the installers do either. Therefore, limitations are set to avoid overheating.

No Electric Shocks

The cables that are used in the system have undergone testing to ensure they are safe to use. No electric shocks.

This is one of the reasons to get an under-floor system installed by professionals rather than someone who’s never done it before. Reliable systems must be fitted and set up properly so that they’re safe to use.

All heating systems are fully tested before leaving the manufacturer. Usually, this includes a test up to 5,000 volts to verify it won’t cause a fire, a surge or a shock. Wires must be within a sheath when fitted too. This pushes any random currents away from the floor, not up towards it. All heating cables are cULus marked to certify they meet the safety standards for manufacturing too.

Built-in Circuit Breakers with the System

There’s no need to be concerned should the PVC sheath will get punctured creating the theoretical potential for a short circuit or a generating a shock.

Reliable underfloor heating systems come with built-in ground fault interrupters that use GFCI circuit break technology to detect and stop the power immediately when anything untoward is detected. It’s some of the latest circuit breaking technology at work to keep everyone safe at all times.

Better Heating for Allergy Sufferers

Allergy sufferers tend to do better with underfloor heating than some other types. This is because the radiating heat approach provides a more consistent heat level. It also warms the person or people in the room, not just the air around them. As a result, allergy sufferers don’t get triggered as much. When combined with a personal air filtration system for anyone who has significant issues trailing in pollen on their clothes, for instance, it works very incredibly well.

As you can tell, electric underfloor heating systems are just as safe as hot water heaters that feed heated water around the home. There’s really nothing to worry about.


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