Boring to Bold: 6 Interior Design Steps to Elevate Your Bedroom

Picture by Pixabay from Pexels – CC0 Licence

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. A place that invites you with a bold and welcoming design—and inspires you with feelings of relaxation and belonging.

But when life is busy, money is sparse, and there’s no time left over for your creative interior design juices to flow. The dream for a bedroom space that’s comfortable and beautiful is just that – a dream.

It’s important to draw a line under the conflicting relationship individuals have with their boring bedroom spaces. Below are 6 inspirational and budget-friendly steps to work through to upgrade your room’s boldness pronto.

1 – Make Room

The first design tip is to make some space in the bedroom.

By recycling, selling, or gifting furniture, ornaments, and so forth to goodwill that you no longer enjoy or use. Clearing the space will enable budding bedroom designers to see the area in a new light free from clutter and distractions.

2 – Storage Solutions

Prevent clutter from bombarding your soon-to-be haven and distracting you from sleep. Once the old, unused stuff is gone, it’s time to organise the things you do have into strategic storage solutions. Are you stuck for space to place furniture? Don’t worry. Check out Divans Beds Centre for a new bed with lots of storage potential.

3 – Make a Feature Wall

For those who fear painting or wallpapering the entire, fear not! The trick is to dedicate some time fixing up one wall. This will be your feature wall.

Picture by Stephanie Ho from Pexels – CC0 Licence

To start, pinpoint the wall where the head of the bed sits against. And purchase a few samples of colours you adore to begin making swatches on it.

For bold colours think, denim blue, deep purple, dark grey, or forest green.

Another quick and affordable way to create a striking feature wall is to add panels. Wall panelling is a home improvement task individuals can do with the help of a YouTube video and a few home depot materials.

DIYers can further enhance a feature wall in the bedroom by adding a collection of bold abstract art pieces above the headboard.

4 – Lighting

New lighting can change the feel of a room. To create a serene and relaxing area, swapping bright white bulbs in the bedroom for warm white instead is advised. As a result, the room will look warmer and more appealing in the evening.

Depending on your budget, changing the light fittings altogether can also elevate the room’s design and feel. Whether installing a rustic antler style chandelier or a glamorous, glitzy light, there are plenty of bold and unique lights to add a beautiful glow to your room.

5 – Throws and Cushions

To add depth, interest, and splashes of colours to the decor, why not invest in some beautiful throws and cushions to dress the bed, side chair, and so on.

From plush, charcoal, velvety designs mixed with bright white silver beaded cushions. Alternate different textures, colours, and cushion sizes to create the bold look you desire.

Unsure what cushions will work in your room? Instagram is an excellent place to find decor inspiration. Plus, don’t be afraid to head to the store, purchase a few cushions, and see what they look like in your room. After all, you can always return them if you change your mind.

6 – Greenery

Greenery in the bedroom promotes a healthy and fresh space which can aid better sleep.

Plant suggestions include:

  • Purchasing a large yucca to add some colour to an empty corner.
  • Placing potted snake plants on the bedside table.
  • Or amping up the drama in the bedroom with a Philodendron.

By following the design steps above, transitioning a bedroom from boring to bold is cost-effective, quick, and easy to do.

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