Choosing a House Checklist: Finding the Right Home for You

Shopping for a new home?

The home-buying process can be tiresome and even overwhelming. What will help you through it is proper planning and organizing. This can make sure that the journey to your new home is rewarding and concise.

Part of doing your shopping homework is creating a checklist. If you haven’t made one yet, here are some essentials that should be part of your choosing a house checklist.

1. It Meets Your House Criteria

First, you should review the basic specs of the house you want. How many rooms do you need? What’s the size and floor plan?

The house you’re eyeing should meet your basic needs. It’s a shame to fall in love with a cozy home with 2 rooms when you need 4. This also helps you narrow down your options when you have too many.

2. The House Feels Inviting to You

The sign of the right house can be the first impression you get when you pull up to the curb. Do you feel like you already want to go inside once you see it?

It should also feel welcoming once you step inside. The first impressions you get can be telling and should be part of your choosing a house checklist.

3. There Are People Out on the Streets

When choosing a house, look for a good neighborhood. Do you see people on the sidewalks? Are there children walking to school or playing outside?

This tells you that people in the neighborhood feel safe, and the community is good.

4. You Start to Imagine the Furniture Arrangement

One of the telltale signs that you’ve found the right house is when you can imagine how the furniture will look. Do you walk into the living room and already see the perfect spot for a lounge chair and even a Christmas tree? You may have found your dream home.

5. The Bathroom Feels Comfortable

You shouldn’t feel strange in the bathroom. Buyers can sometimes feel uncomfortable that they won’t walk straight into it. They’ll remain outside or take a peek by poking in their heads only.

Like the rest of the house, the bathroom should feel inviting.

6. Visible Home Improvements in the Neighborhood

Another good sign is seeing some home improvements. This can range from re-roofing, repainting, landscaping, or new decks and fences. Check for signs that show homeowners are investing in their properties.

7. It’ll Work for You in the Years to Come

You might be looking for luxury homes or somewhere in a hip downtown district. Whatever it is, you’ll want it to work for you 5 or 10 years in the future. This allows you to accommodate changes like a bigger household with children or a change of jobs.

Don’t choose short-term wants by thinking you can sell and move right away. Think of your needs for at least 5 years ahead.

Choosing a House Checklist

A choosing a house checklist can make your hunt for a home more manageable. Go through it every time you’re considering a property.

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