Cool and Quirky Garden Accessories

Sometimes keeping your garden clutter free and in pristine condition can be a wonderful thing. However, have you ever just become bored of the standard garden decor choices out there? Your garden can sometimes suffer from a lack of identity compared to the rest of your house. It can lack character, heart and a sense of fun. There are some simple ways to ensure that your garden decor is just as exciting as the rest of your home though. With a little effort, you could have a chic and interactive garden design that will be a joy to experience at any time of the year.

One of the first things to consider is where you will place items and how family friendly they are. If you have small children, then consider their needs as well as your own design preferences. Play areas and exciting activities are still possible to enjoy, without messing up the design of your outside living space.

Adding a touch of kitsch to your garden in the form of classic metal weathervanes and fun garden sculptures is really on trend at the moment. You can choose something to suit your individual taste and style. Ensure that you stick within your style preferences. You’ll successfully bring the stylish nature of indoors, outside to create a design that flows seamlessly.

Relaxing evenings are made perfect by soothing garden sounds. Creating tranquil areas such as garden ponds and waterfalls can bring some depth to your designs. You can either build these yourself or hire a landscaper to come in and give your garden a complete makeover. If you choose to handle things, yourself then make sure you are fully aware of what you’re taking on. Garden jobs can often look much easier than they are. Factor in how much free time you have to spend on your garden maintenance. This is important when considering building and general upkeep.

Wind chimes sound amazing when blowing in a warm summer’s breeze. You can buy these yourself or learn how to make your own from recycled materials, glass and metal. This would be a fantastic option if you are opting for a look that screams ‘rustic chic’ and is slightly steampunk in nature.

Think about using items such as mason jars and pebbles in your garden decor. Mason jars can be filled with sand. You can then add a tealight to them and line them up along your garden path or patio. This is a good way to create a summery look at any time of the year. Pebbles can be collected from local beach areas. Use these along with shells to make a rockery area.


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Finally, you could think about using your garden lawn to your advantage. Mow your lawn to create cool stripes and patterns in your grass. This can draw attention to a beautiful lawn area and shows that you have put some time and effort into maintaining your outdoor area. Ideal for everything from family homes to bachelor pads!

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