Dangers of Home Renovations: Do You Have Lead Paint on Your Walls?

If you live in an old house or plan to move into one soon, chances are that you will need to perform repairs on it and remodel some aspects of the property sooner or later. Before you do any of that, are you 100% sure that the property does not have lead paint on its walls?

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Don’t Take a Chance

As most of us already know, all lead-based paints were permanently banned by the US Product Safety Commission in 1977. Pay a visit to Zota Pro For a better understanding of these lead paint laws, as they were put into effect and modified over a course of multiple years. Technically, this should mean that houses built and painted after the law was passed in the late 70s, should not have any lead paint on them. However, are you willing to take a chance and move into a house that was built in between 1978 – 1980, without a lead paint inspection first?

Dates Might be Misleading

In real life, things often do not pan out exactly by the book and once a law is passed, it usually takes some time for it to be understood and applied in its entirety, across the entire nation. As we are talking about a 40+ year old time period before the digital age even started, it would be unwise to believe that every contractor, homeowner and house painter simultaneously became aware and confident about the dangers of lead paint, the very moment it was banned officially.

Some of the lead paint which was already there for sale by the gallons might still have been used in some parts of the country under the radar, to minimize losses incurred by lead-paint manufacturers and painting contractors. It is not outside the realms of possibility that even some properties built after 1978 could have been painted with the toxic metal-based shades. To sum it up, if your home was built anywhere near that 1977 – 78 timeline, get it inspected for lead toxicity before moving in, or starting a renovation project of any kind.

What If You Have Already Lived in an Old house for a While Now?

In case you are living in a house which could potentially have lead on its walls, it does not automatically mean you, or any member of your family is already suffering from lead poisoning. In order for lead particles (and even asbestos) to become a health hazard, it must be in a state of unrest. What it means is that if you have not yet tried to repaint the house or have cracked open a wall for remodeling, the chances of lead poisoning are quite low.

On the other hand, if the paint has been disturbed already while you and your family was in the house, get your home checked for lead particles immediately. If lead is found, seek medical aid to get everyone tested for heavy metal toxicity, as soon as possible.

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