Does Your House Hold a Special Place in Your Heart? How to Let It Go

Living in a house – regardless of how long – will inevitably make you feel attached to it and the memories you and your family created in it. But when it is time to sell it and live in another, will you be able to let it go so that another family can create memories in it? Emotional attachment to a home is not unusual, especially if we are talking about a home that has kids who grew up in it. If it is inevitable that you have to sell your house – be it because your family is growing and the house is too small for you or you are moving out of the city or state – there are things you can do so that parting with your home becomes easier.

Start early

The longer you delay putting your house up for sale, the more you will feel sad about it. Starting early will give you time to process not only the necessary documents needed for the sale of the house but your emotions as well. You will have enough time to let go of the home that you love.

Channel your emotions into your next home

While it may be heartbreaking to let go of the home where you built so many memories, it will be better if you channel your emotions instead into the new house that you will be living in. Think about all the fantastic new memories you will be making with the entire family in the new home. Think about how you will decorate it such that it will feel cozy and homey.

Change the look

If there are certain parts of the house with which you feel the most emotional attachment, changing the look and the way you arrange the furniture will help you ease out of the home, but the memories will remain. It will also be easier for you to sell it to a sell my house fast for cash company if there are little improvements in the house.

Plan how you want your new house to look

It is exciting to plan a move to a new house: how you envision it looking, what furniture and fixtures to buy, etc. Channel your energy towards making the new home livable and comfortable for everyone. You can enlist the help of a decorator or you can do the decorating yourself. Either way, you will have something to occupy your mind besides letting your old house go. It will be a welcome diversion. You can also enlist the help of your family to decorate your home, so they too have an input on how they want the new home to look and feel.

With a new house, the slate is clean. You can create new and special memories, but it doesn’t mean that you have to forget the ones that you had in the old house. You are just adding to the treasure trove of memories that you will cherish forever.


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