Easy Grow Vegetables For Gardening Newbies

Growing your own veggies is an excellent way to get your gardening hobby up and running. However, some vegetables are easier to grow than others. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the hardiest and foolproof plants to consider when you are just starting out. So, whether you are planning to grow your own in pots or a patch, read on: we’ll give you everything you need to know.


Onions are the basis for almost every meal known to man, so why not start with growing your own? They are one of the easiest veggies to grow, too, so there are no excuses. You can plant seeds in spring or autumn, and just leave them to their own devices. At the height of summer, you should have a large haul of onions to keep you more than busy in the kitchen.


Potatoes are so simple that anyone with half a brain cell can get a good crop, first time around. Look to plant them as soon as the spring weather starts to draw in. The require little maintenance – just put down some potato bags half filled with compost and cover them over. Once you see shoots beginning to poke through, add more compost. Keep them well watered and by the time it gets towards the end of summer, you should notice the plant starting to die. Your potatoes will be ready and waiting for you underneath the soil.

Runner Beans

It’s best to start runner beans in a small pot. Plant them at the beginning of spring, and once the foliage has become robust enough, you can move your plants to soil. They will need a lot of water, so they are perfect for rainy climates. The best thing about runner beans is that they virtually beg you to pick them. They will provide you with regular supplies all through summer.


You can grow tomatoes almost anywhere where there is sunlight. They are a great option for anyone who has a small garden space, or even just a balcony area in an apartment. Just get a grow bag from your local garden centre and open it up. Keep it watered and under the sun, and by the time summer comes around you should have an excellent yield. It really doesn’t get simpler – and tomatoes are also great for getting the kids involved.


Asparagus is easy to grow, but you have to be particular about when you plant them. To make things easier, grow them from an established plant. Get your asparagus crowns and place them in a small trench – about 8 inches deep should do it. The best time to plant them is in March – and don’t forget to add some compost or manure to help give them some nutrients. Leave the to grow for a full year when you first plant them for the best results. By April of the following year, you should have a tasty treat in store.

We hope this has inspired you to get out there and grow your own veggies. We’re betting that once you get a taste for it, you won’t be spending quite so much at your local supermarket.

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