Four Things You Need When You Own a Property with Land

Purchasing a property with several acres can be an exciting, but an intimidating adventure. Especially if you’ve never managed that much land before. Whether you have children that you want to maintain a sprawling property for, farm animals that need to roam or you’re a landlord that needs to maintain the grounds of a property for your tenants, there are a few “must haves” all large property owners need to invest in.

A Small Tractor

Don’t even consider trying to maintain a property that’s more than an acre without a small tractor. Even if you have a riding lawnmower, you will still want to invest in a compact tractor to do some of the heavier tasks. If you haven’t yet purchased your lawnmower, you can usually find a small tractor that will take care of this and your other landscaping needs.

“If you’re a large property owner and love doing it yourself, a compact tractor is made just for you. You can accomplish major tasks like cutting the grass, landscaping, and gardening all with one machine,” says Will Nelson, owner, Nelson Tractor Company.

A Shed or Small Barn

If you’ve got animals, you may be considering a building that has separate stalls or a coop for chickens. Even if you don’t have animals, you’ll still need a place to keep your tools and equipment safe from the elements and secure from harm. There are an abundance of styles and designs that you can use to design and build a shed or a pole barn. Many small DIY barns are easy to make and adapt to your own needs. You can also find many small sheds at farm and garden retailers.

Appropriate Fencing

Depending on what you will be using the property for, you’ll likely need some fencing to separate different areas of the property. At a minimum, using fences to mark your property lines is highly recommended, especially if you’ve got neighbors. If you’re considering turning your property into a farm, no matter how small, you’ll need fencing to keep the animals contained. Fencing can be expensive, but you can keep costs lower by building your fence. This can easily be done with wood or wire fencing supplies, depending on your budget and your security needs.

Gardening supplies

With numerous acres, you will need gardening supplies and tools to keep the property maintained. The basics such as shovels, hoes and rakes are always useful. More robust tools like pressure washers, extension ladders and even electric hedge trimmers will help you stay on top of annual home and property maintenance tasks throughout the year. You want to make sure your equipment is up to date and in working order to avoid injuries.

Owning a property with several acres can be a challenge, but if you have the essential tools that you need to run the property, you’ll find it may be easier than you expected.



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