Google Ban on Online Casino Ads Set to End in 2020

The technology giant, which processes over 1.2 trillion searches every year, has a long-held policy that bars advertisements from online casinos. 

Less than a month after it revamped its gambling and games policy to allow sport betting ads in select US states, Google is set to end its ban on online casino ads as well (one of the best casino you can visit Multiple reports claim that the tech giant’s long-held ban on the online casino industry will end within the first quarter of 2020.

Although cable TV and other mass media platform have been showing gambling ads from ages, the tech giant has long been a strict opponent to the gambling industry using its platform to showcase its offerings to millions around the globe.

The report of the tech-giant ending its ban on online casino ads follows two significant developments in the last few months. Apart from allowing gambling ads in individual US States a few weeks ago, it has also allowed advertisers in Colombia, Nigeria and Kenya to show betting ads in these countries.

Why is Google lifting a ban on online casino ads?

Three major reasons potentially explain why Google might have decided to lift its long-held ban on advertisements from the gaming industry. The most important among them is the US Supreme Court’s May 2018’s decision that gave the individual US states the power to legalize sports gambling.

By stopping the Federal Government from taking actions that would force states to disallow sports gambling, the decision gave states the power to legalize betting. It, therefore, set a precedent which the tech giant could use to explain its upcoming decision to its shareholders.

Also, with online gambling exploding in popularity in the US, banning its ads meant that Google was missing out on a massive source of revenue. With more people visiting gambling websites than ever before, Google’s ban on the industry’s ads was simply not working.

Furthermore, the popularity of online gambling in the US has gone through the roof in the past few years. That, combined with the May 2018 US Supreme Court Decision and the resulting decision by several US states to allow their people to gamble online, might have convinced Google to redraw its policy.

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