Great Place To get Ideas for Home Decorating

With so many resources for examples and how-to’s, there is very little reason for anyone to remain bewildered about designing a room. If you think you lack the touch to create the home of your dreams, don’t give up. This guide will tell you the best places to see finished rooms and styled vignettes to help you find the style you like.


Many different trades have showrooms where you can see a variety of new home décor products. For example, to see samples of fixtures and flooring you can visit the bathroom showroom Baton Rouge speaks so highly of. Showrooms can let you see up close and personal how tile, hardwood, carpet, bathroom fixtures, lighting and more looks and feels in person.

Department Stores

You can peruse the displays at department stores, furniture stores and decorating stores to get ideas for furniture pieces and the accessories that go with them. Bedroom, living room and kitchen vignettes are set up in these stores specifically to sell these types if items, so the accessories that are displayed are usually well-coordinated.

Model Homes

Realtors and developers frequently hire professional designers to stage the homes they are selling in order to make the home as attractive as possible. This gives you the perfect opportunity to walk through and see rooms set up with all the details your could ask for. You can get ideas for window treatments, cozy dining areas, and welcoming kitchens. Take photos of the rooms you love and create a look-alike. This process is practically assured to give you a beautiful room.

Makeover Shows

Everyone loves the home makeover programs on television. Of course the audience only gets the abbreviated version, but still, there is enough inspiration packed into many of these programs to get you well on your way. They may also give you some ideas for unique places to shop for accessories or furnishings.

The Internet

Of course Pinterest has the corner on the market when it comes to showing examples of every style under the sun. You can simply search the room, color and style you are interested in and you will get from dozens to hundreds of photographic examples that you can follow like you would a pattern, to achieve a great room of your own.

As you can see, even if you think you are design impaired, there are many ways to get inspiration and motivation. Gather the elements you love and put them together in your home to create a designer look that will be the envy of all your guests and visitors.


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