Here’s How to Decorate Your TV Wall

Wall-mounted TVs are sleek, stylish and space-saving, but they can present a home décor problem: What is one to do with the wall space that’s left over after the TV is mounted? What about the floor space underneath the TV? What if you’re not a big TV person and you want to take the edge off the eyesore factor? What if you just wish that your TV blended-in better with the rest of your décor?

Fortunately, there are plenty of options to help you integrate your TV into your décor by sprucing up the space around and over your TV. Gallery walls are a popular option, but they’re not the only one. Some home decorators use vintage buffets, dressers or armoires to create a one-of-a-kind TV stand or cabinet. Others make their TVs the focal point of a built-in bookcase, while still others devise ways to hide their TVs when not in use.

Create a Gallery Wall

A search for TV gallery walls will turn up plenty of stunning ideas, and creating a gallery wall of your own is a great option if you have a lot of wall space left over around your TV and a number of items to hang. Gallery walls use an arrangement of framed photos and paintings, clocks, plaques and other decorative items to blend your TV into the décor by making it just one of many items displayed on your wall.

One of the drawbacks of a gallery wall, however, is that it’s easy to go overboard and either hang too many items or choose items that distract from the TV. Choose lighter-colored prints and photos, as bright, busy or dark items are more likely to draw the eye away from the TV while you’re trying to watch it. Select frames that complement or match the room’s décor. Don’t be afraid to arrange a selection of differently shaped items, but seek a balanced look that will please the eye. If you’re worried about a gallery wall looking too busy, go minimalist with a pair of paintings or photos hung to either side of the TV.

Repurpose Vintage Furniture

Whether you choose to hang your TV with the help of a Baltimore TV wall mounting service or rest it on a cabinet, the space underneath your TV is ripe for decorating. Shop thrift stores, flea markets and Craigslist for vintage cabinets, buffets or dressers that you can press into service as a TV cabinet or as a decorative piece beneath your wall-mounted TV. With some fresh paint or shellac and maybe a little carpentry, you can upcycle any piece to match your decorating scheme and create a unique centerpiece for your TV room while you’re at it.

Shelve It

Built-in shelves and bookcases are making a big comeback, and many homeowners and builders are putting a modern spin on this classic home feature by leaving room for a wall-mounted TV in the center of a built-in unit. Use the shelves around your TV to display books, photos and figurines.

Hide It

Do you think of your TV as an eyesore that you want to hide out of sight while you’re not using it or while you have friends over? Not interested in looking at all those cords and components every day? TV cabinets and armoires are coming back into style, too and if you’re looking for a way to hide your TV, you could do worse than stashing it inside a vintage armoire.

Other options for hiding your TV include hiding it behind custom sliding or barn-style doors or covering it with a large painting. For a more affordable DIY solution that also adds an interesting focal point to the room, consider hanging a vintage roll-up map above your TV that could serve to camouflage it while pulling double-duty as part of your gallery wall.

Frame It

Another way to make a TV blend into a gallery wall, or simply showcase it as a centerpiece of the room, is to turn it into a work of art by hanging a large frame around it. You can use a vintage frame sourced from a secondhand store or flea market, or build your own.

Wall-mounting your flat screen TV can leave a large amount of wall space unused, but you should look at it as an opportunity, not as a problem. Decorating your TV wall can really tie your room together without distracting viewers from what’s happening on screen.

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