Hot Apps for Cool Service: Must Have HVAC Technician Apps

Get ready for an amazing introduction of apps with the highest reviews that are designed to make your job easier. Don’t get stuck outside in the heat without the diagnostics tools you need to get the job done quickly. Featured in this blog is a dynamic list of must have apps for all HVAC Technicians seeking to step their services up to the next level.


If you are just starting your HVAC business, Apps are can help you manage your client records, and assist you with financial calculations. If you are a seasoned HVAC professional, Apps can help you to expand your tool belt by adding virtual tools that you can use from your smartphone. With the right App, you can even take your business operations mobile, making all your services available no matter where you are.


Here are ten 4-Star Rating and above HVAC apps for phone:


HVAC Buddy

Ranked #2 of the top 10 best contracting apps by readers of, the HVAC Buddy was developed by Powertrade the number one developer of mobile HVAC apps.

This App can be used to enter pressures, temperatures, and refrigerant. Superheat and Subcool temperature math calculations are done for you and displayed in real-time, allowing you to see when values change. You will have access to pressure-temperature tables for 73 Refrigerants with a display that can be viewed by moving a pressure slider that will allow you to make adjustments until you find the target Superheat or Subcool range. This App features the following refrigerant and diagnostic tools:


  • Step by step, user friendly instructions
  • Status Report Email System
  • Delta-T/Airflow/TEET Calculation
  • Metric (SI) or Imperial (IP)
  • R-22 (Freon), R-410A (Puron), R-404A, R-134A refrigerants
  • Superheat/Fixed Capillary or Subcool/TXV, EXV systems

Android and Apple ($9.99)


HVAC School

This is a great must have App if you’ve been out of the field for a little while and need a brief refresher to bring you back up to speed. For current or aspiring HVAC professionals this App is a valuable tool that can help you to improve the success of your business while expanding your knowledge in the HVAC industry. Here are some of the things you can do with this App:

  • Listen to relevant educational HVAC School podcast.
  • Build your knowledge base and comprehension of HVAC theory by reading articles published by industry professionals.
  • Learn more about HVAC mathematics through interaction with calculators that employ HVAC equations.

Android and Apple (Free)


HVAC Check & Charge

Emerson Climate Technologies developed this App to provide refrigerant charge calculations for air conditioning applications. It features a calculator based on the historic sliding cardboard model, allowing contractors to calculate the correct system refrigerant charge with ease. Choosing the Subcooling, Superheat, or Airflow and entering the target system temperatures allows the contractor to determine the proper system charge and any needed adjustments. System refrigerant charge calculations are available for R-22, R-410A, R-32, R-407C, R-134a, R-452B, and R-454B. Charge amounts that needs to be altered with the App are based on these conditions:

  • Subcooling Calculator (TXV)
  • Superheat Calculator (non TXV)
  • Airflow Calculator
  • Imperial and Metric Support

Android and Apple (Free)


measureQuick HVAC

Do you need a tool that can measure and diagnose a complex problems? With measureQuick HVAC you have a powerful data aggregation tool that will increase your ability to measure quickly and solve problems on the spot. Here are some of the Apps most recent features:


  • Heat pump and gas furnace heating modes
  • Landscape support
  • Updates and more improvements

Android and Apple (Free)


HVAC Test Pro 2019

With over 1,000 questions written by expert tutors, HVAC Test Pro is the ideal app for helping you to study for an HVAC exam. With the app you can track your strengths and weaknesses, view detailed statistics of your progress, and review a calendar based on your daily study. You will have access exam preparation material with the following topics:

  • HVAC General
  • HVAC Introduction to Monitor System
  • HVAC Electric
  • HVAC Refrigeration Theory

Android only. (Free)


Test & Balance / Commissioning

This App features the most common calculations with the known Altitude, CFM, Entering and Leaving Dry Bulb and Wet Bulb Temperatures. The HVAC technician can calculate the output work being performed by the cooling coil in per Hour measurements. When it comes to HVAC apps for phone, this app is the Test and Balance Technician must have. Calculator features includes the following:

  • Cooling MBH Calculations
  • Heating MBH Calculations
  • Water MBH
  • Humidification
  • Sheave Change and more

Android and Apple ($9.99)



With the Breezeworks app, a contractor can convert his or her business into an ultimate mobile operation. That app features top-notch features that will put you in charge of mapping, invoicing, and scheduling functions to help you maintain a professional look for your business. Its instant communication feature allows you to provide quick estimates to your customers. Additionally, this amazing app will help you to stay on time for appointments with its traffic and map features.

Android and Apple ($ 31.99/month with 14-day Free trial)


HVAC Marketing Toolbox

Is your clientele a little low? Let’s take a look inside the HVAC Marketing Toolbox app. This app will introduce the HVAC technician to a fresh new perspective for generating smart techniques to connect with potential customers. Marketing and growing your small business is an important factor in remaining competitive in the HVAC industry. With this app you can use a cool “spin the dial” feature to generate effective marketing ideas to help your business stand out.

Android and Apple (Free)


Airflow Balancing Meter AAB

No need to input a parameter for measuring airflow velocity, this app does it automatically. That’s right. Simply by connecting the ABM-100 airflow meter along with this app, you can get a precise calculation of airflow with the help of your smartphone. The app measures velocity in meters per second and linear feet by the minute.

Android Only (Free)


Furnace Codes and Diagnostics

Here is an app with a handy database of furnace troubleshooting information that will help you to save time. Included in the Furnace Codes and Diagnostic screen you have a list of HVAC models along with their corresponding codes to help you to get right at the core of trouble shooting the core issue.

Android Only (Free)


Breeze through the App Store for More Cool HVAC Apps for phone

With a growing number of HVAC complex onsite solutions need to perform an effective service on the table, HVAC professionals can now access high performing tools with the simple touch of an App image on your smartphone. You don’t have to shuffle through several devices to perform a series of HVAC measurements. With these amazing application, you have an all-in-one solution available for several types of complex situations.

The Apps we’ve featured here are just a few of many that you can use to get your HVAC Services performed in a proficient manner. We’ve taken the liberty of reviewing only the HVAC apps for phone that received a positive rating. So, go ahead over the app store that corresponds with your device and start improving your business services now.


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