How To Clear Your Garden In Double Quick Time

Does your garden need a little attending to? Whether you have moved into a new house or just been a bit neglectful for the past few seasons, there’s going to come a time you will need to get cracking. It might seem like a big job, but there are a few ways of tackling an overgrown garden that should save you some time. Let’s take a look at them now.

Before you start

It doesn’t matter how large or small your garden is, if you want to do the job quickly, you will need to consider a few things. First of all, make sure your tools are all up to scratch. If they have been lying in the garden all winter, the chances are that they aren’t going to be all that effective. Sharpen your shears, oil your motor equipment, and buy replacements if you have to. You can expect to reduce the time it takes to cut through your overgrown bushes by anything up to half with useful and sharpened tools.

Don’t forget about disposal

Also, think about how you are going to dispose of your debris. Look into rubbish bin hire if you think it is worth your while. A skip will save you a lot of trips to and from the garbage dump, and make it easier for you to keep things clear as you go along. Nothing is more frustrating than having to move garden bags every time you want to attack a new area.

Host a garden party

Why not make your garden clearing a social event? Invite friends and family over and you will fly through everything in no time at all. Reward everyone with a few beers or glasses of wine afterwards, and everyone will be happy. However, if you do go down this route, make sure you have a plan in place. The more people that are lending a hand, the more confusing it could be. A solid plan of action where tasks are given to individuals will work far better than a free-for-all.

Work in height order

It’s a simple tip, but so many people do it the wrong way around. Start working your garden from its highest point, and slowly come down to ground level. You’ll save time here because you won’t have to keep going over the same spots every time you clear away and start again. Start with tree branches and then trim back high plants and bushes. Once you start getting enormous piles of debris, just make a bigger pile in the centre of the garden. Then it’s just a case of clearing away everything in one hit and finishing off the work on your lawn.

Add mulch

Mulch is a perfect thing to add to your garden when you have had a large clear out. It will help you prevent weed growth and will stimulate your plants into action, giving them everything they need for the springtime. Just put it down everywhere, and you will avoid spending the time on using individual fertilisers for different plants. It’s a much simpler and quicker way of adding the finishing touches to your garden.

With any luck, your garden should now be clear of debris and ready to grow again. Try and keep on top of things and you shouldn’t have problems with an overgrown outside space again.

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