How To Keep Your Home’s Bricks Looking Great Over Time

Some home design elements never seem to go out of style. Hardwood floors, granite countertops, and especially, anything made of brick. The classic look of brick is a type of beauty that is very hard to replicate. If you’re lucky enough to own or buy a home with brick additions, it’s important to keep it looking as pristine as possible. But how is this possible? Well, there are a few ways to keep your bricks looking magnificent. Here are a few ways to keep your home’s bricks looking great over time.

Regular Inspections

The best way to prevent further damage to your home’s bricks is to spot potential damage as early as possible. Inspecting your home’s bricks (by yourself or with a professional) is something you should be doing on a regular basis. But what should you be looking for? Crumbling and deterioration of brick mortar (the substance that holds bricks together) is one sign to look out for. Chipping, cracking, discoloration, and dislodged bricks are other signs of brick damage. It’s important to address any issues as soon as possible to keep your bricks healthy in the long run.

Proper Cleaning

Allowing debris, plants, and water to be in contact with your home’s bricks can lead to damage if left untreated. Like your teeth, it’s important to keep your bricks clean and clear of anything that can deteriorate them over time. Investing in a power washer is a great way to clean your brick exterior from pesky grime and overgrowth. However, it’s important to not stay in one place to long or to get too close; the concentrated stream of water can erode the mortar bewteen the bricks if you’re not careful. Here is everything you need to know about brick paving.

Fixing Minor Issues

And lastly, fixing minor issues before they become larger problems is a great thing you can do. How do you know when you can do a repair yourself or when to call a professional? Filling in small cracks with a strong mortar mixture and reinserting fallen bricks with mortar or gorilla glue are easy things any homeowner can do. If bricks are becoming distorted, cracked, or large vertical cracks appear, it would be in your best interest to contact a professional. If a serious issue does occur and you require exterior wall or brick porch repair, contact the home repair professionals at Brickworks Property Restoration today.

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